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Deity Pong

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Author Comments

Deity Pong is a twist on the classic pong game, featuring both multiplayer and single player options. The game is split into two specific game modes: Remix and Classic. Both modes allow the player to change up the base speed of the ball and paddles, as well as the score to win.
Classic Mode offers a sleek and enjoyable remake of Pong. Remix Mode however, turns the game on its head by introducing power-ups and some awesome secret cheats!

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Overall mediocre, very nice presentation, however the short music loop is rather annoying, consider lengthening it and trimming the clipping bit from the end (also make the powerup sound in the remix mode cut out after the powerup has worn off (consider adding sounds relevent to the nature of the powerup and stopping the background loop from playing whilst the powerup music is playing))

Pong has been done to death and to be completely honest, kinda sucks; you clearly have the ability to produce highly aesthetically pleasing games, so consider putting these design skills into creating something new and unique.

deityGames responds:

Thank you for your review on the game! You certainly aren't the only one to have an issue with the music, and I will be working on replacing it and updating the game today. This is just the beginning, and you should expect many more (new and unique) games from us in the near future!

One of the reasons we chose to make Pong was because of it's anniversary:
"Today, 43 years ago, the original PONG game was released by Atari.
Things have changed since 1972, the industry has come on leaps and bounds, but you can't deny the charm of such a classic, fun game.
We hope to have honoured Atari's groundbreaker , with our take on the old favourite, come and have a play."

We really do appreciate your review, without your criticism we wouldn't be able to improve our games :).


Well... what can I say? It's Pong, a game that was revolutionary for... being a game, and you put a great spin on an old title. I love the music, and the sounds give it a futuristic vibe, which I like. The graphics are pleasing to the eye, the power-ups are fun and balanced, and there's just something about the color of the ball changing with who hit it last that I like. I see only 2 things wrong, which don't even warrant a lowered rating. The first is a problem with the music that's playing. Yeah, I get it, it's royalty free, and it's good to hear the first maybe 9 times, but after a while, that same music starts to feel repetitive and all of a sudden that pumping music that got you ready to play the game is a blade gleaming dully slashing into your ears!
Woah. Didn't realize I felt that strongly about that.
Ahem, as I was saying, my other one is a problem, again, with the music. The music that plays when you get a power-up doesn't layer well at all with the music that's always playing. Either have one or the other. Preferably the power-up music so that we don't have to always listen to that music (besides clicking the mute button, thank you for that btw).
Basically what I'm saying is you did a fantastic job. This will probably net you a high ranking on the top games. Hopefully you keep making games.
Best wishes,

deityGames responds:

Thanks for the awesome review! I'll begin working on improving and replacing the current game music now. It should be sorted by the end of today :). This will be just the beginning
, we will be making many more games in the future.

Credits & Info

2.68 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2015
12:47 PM EST