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Test your flying skills. Fly with the paper plane and collect points. Avoid the negative points. Reach your goal and the speed will increase every time. Try to make as many points.
Not the easiest game in the world. With each goal reached, the difficulty is increased.
How far can you fly and how many points can you collect?


Like BlueAlpha14 pointed out, the 3D graphics where nice, but the plane looked like a pointer, so I would add more 3D detail to that. I liked it, but when it said goal, I thought I was going to go to a different, and harder level after I reached that. I think you should say something else besides "goal". I liked the idea, but to be honest with you, It's kind of boring in the sense you can play this at school and not waste your other video game time. Another thing, I liked the music, but it seems like it would be that repetitive DVD play intro music, not for a plane hitting positive numbers. There were some small glitches also, but other than that thanks for making the game, ifelese!

This is a pretty dope game. I like the 3D effect but I feel it could've been taken farther. Like the background could've been more galactic and there could be lines in the side to make it look like you're really moving fast through space. I did find one bug that occasionally a positive number will be right behind a negative number, not sure if that is the case but I feel it should be fixed. All around this was a very fun and enjoyable game. The graphics and bug aren't too much of an issue for me so I feel this game deserves 4.5 stars.

It's ok - quite fun, but could do with a lot more work. Firstly, the music just doesn't fit, something more light-hearted or space-like sounding would be more suitable. Make more levels for it to be more challenging. Could also do with better background image for better atmosphere of the game.

Give it a background a story and you`re good to go

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Not bad. Repetitive, with a few eye-burning colours, but overall I can see the appeal.

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2.46 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2015
11:04 AM EST
Skill - Collect