escape block sie

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use the commands to dodge the obstacles and get to the exit


This has nothing to do with half of your title. Yes it is escaping in a geometry dash style, but a lot of people will want to play as a dog. Also besides pushing buttons their is no sound. This game could use some work, and I hope to see a better version in the future.

siejogos responds:


Sorry, but you can't escape my all seeing eye for remakes. For that I'll take off 1 star on my rating.
Although it was a remake, it wasn't as crappy as some of the other remakes of games I see in under judgement. What I'm saying is that I liked it, although I couldn't seem to get past stage 6 because of a glitch. And because of a glitch that makes you not able to progress the game, your rating goes down by .5

siejogos responds:


I can't get myself to play this type of game for too long but it was a solid experience and I didn't get so see any bug for as much as I played. A bit hard for me but a good challenge for those who are up to it.
You could try adding sounds to the actual game and a highscore feature to compete with friends.

siejogos responds:


Cara sei que fala português, mas deve submeter suas criações no site em inglês, não em português.
Estou falando assim agora para você entender melhor. Apenas quando for escrever qualquer coisa no Newgrounds, escreva em inglês.

Agora a review do jogo! Já que estou falando em português, vou terminar de escrever nessa língua.

Apesar do jogo estar escrito em inglês, certas partes estão em outra língua. Agora chega de falar de língua

O jogo é difícil, não para pular, mas para desviar dos obstáculos. Ele tem certos certos cenários MAL trabalhados, sugiro que melhore o cenário jogabilidade e outros.

siejogos responds:

friend is to change the title of my game and how do I ?

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1.88 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2015
7:45 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle