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-Space Fighter-

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My Score
1. Cyberdemonio 10,300
2. Kabuya 10,300
3. Optimos 10,300
4. solonaev 10,300
5. NSMOUN 10,300
6. Bspenc 10,300
7. RubensTUI 10,300
8. NathanGentleman 10,300
9. RoboRightTime 10,300
10. bivn123456789 10,300
11. Mitrim 10,300
12. fuckoffasshole 10,300
13. JKGAMER1337 10,300
14. bortpoo 10,300
15. RainingMecha 10,300
16. BacterialPhungs 10,300
17. aimc00036 10,300
18. indi4000 10,300
19. mrlee99 10,300
20. OneThousandMeeps 10,300

Author Comments

GUYS, it's been a while.
It's almost at the end of the year and I haven't submitted anything since last October, for shame.

Some months back I found a tutorial on how to make a shooter using Stencyl.

I'm a very big fan of shoot em ups like Ikaruga and Under Defeat and decided to give it a try.

Some may find this game short and mediocre but thats ok because I consider this project a learning exercise, not my master work.


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not bad but only 2 plays to get all the medals, it would have only been 1 if i didnt have shitty reflexes

Got all medals :)

For your Information

1. To get the secret medal, you have to reach 10K. That's it.

Good luck

This is a great game a good tip is if your aiming for the leader board start from wave one for it k dont try getting it if your continuing on stage 2 or after aim to survive now i wont lie i did not get far BUT BUT its not cause i dont like it i love this game im a big space invader fan so this is close to it i had to quit tho on stage 2 cause it was really challenging i think if it had a life bar instead of lives for hits then i would of been more stuck to it i love the continue system great game!

Nice game - like others have said, nice a short, but straight forward.

Nice game, son!

To get Secret Achievement just reach 10k points