Alien Forest Escape

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You are trapped in the ancient forest that full of deadly aliens, find objects and use the your intelligent to defeat all the danger to survive from the scary place.

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to be honest its not that bad

but not intuitive in some cases like the grappling hook, the screwdriver etc

Exceptionally good.

This game is quite unique in terms of alien concepts. I enjoyed solving different puzzles and searching for objects. It's interesting to use a special pair of goggles to view the hidden codes and an alien. What I found the most challenging was entering a sequence of codes to the spaceship's door. Because the symbols on a finger were turned slightly, it took me several trials before I escaped.

Same as previous comments: Not very logic or clear, and some items you basically have to guess what they are. The "screwdriver" was especially weird to figure out; I did try it on the screws, but never noticed any change. When I took a closer look, 2 of the screws were off but the color change between the screw and the hole wasn't clear. It also took time for the screws to get out, so even by clicking the four screws in a row, if you don't take you time, it's not gonna work. And I used the walkthrough for the "grapling" thing to get the skull high up in a tree, since I didn't figure out to not click on the skull itself but right on the side...
Needs more thinking and more work, IMO.

Well .. what should i say ...
the most difficult part on this game is to guess that the items actually are, i'm holding in my inventory.
And lots of pixel hunting ...nearly no logic parts.

So it's basically crap in my mind of view.

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2.55 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2015
1:24 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click