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Float is a simple puzzle game created with RPG Maker MV.
You move on the tiles and make them disappear. If there are no tiles left, the level is done.
So far there are 140 differend puzzle-levels and 13 unlockable characters.

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Really really cute, easy to play, pretty much the right level of difficulty in the puzzles... what I don't like is the menu system, which was not intuitive. It's easy to think the game is complete after 20 levels!

So, this is definitely adorable, and a very fun game. The puzzle concept it's based on is far from original, but the game itself is pretty nice in spite of that.

The graphics are cute, I like how RMMV allows for much higher resolution graphics than older RPG Makers. However, the sceneries are radically lacking in variety, since all that changes between them is weather effects, and the bland sand-colored tiles always remain the same. The one song that plays throughout the game is fun, but I wish it changed a bit as well.

The gameplay consists of that classic puzzle concept where you have to step on all tiles in the right order such that a tile disappears when you step on it. Features other than the disappearing tiles include permanent tiles and step-twice tiles, which are not too many features, but they make for nice levels. The concept is nice and simple, and it makes for a fun game, even though the graphics are stale and the idea is not the newest thing ever.

There are unlockable characters which you trade for the points you collect in stages. They're cute and all, but they do nothing special other than being cute, so yeah. Speaking of which, the way the authors handled the "configurations" menu, making it into a map and teleporting the player out of the current play session works well and bug-free, but I'd much prefer if it were handled in a non game-disrupting way, especially one that doesn't make me lose my progress in a level if I'm thinking through it. It can't be that RMMV doesn't handle picture-based CMSes in the way RM2K3 could, right? Knowing how RMMV implements RGSS, there'd probably be way better ways to make these menus than a map teleport OR a picture-based RM2K3-ish approach, but I digress.

The thing I like the most about this game is that it provides the player with 100 levels. That's a nice amount of puzzles to solve, and I can't complain, since the puzzles themselves, however simple, are definitely pretty enjoyable. I just wish something changed a bit graphics-wise to make them stand out from each other. The one problem I have with the levels is that their difficulty is not very consistent, meaning very hard levels can be followed by stupidly easy ones all the time, that not to mention the lack of extra features does make them feel kinda monotonous after a while.

Anyways, this is a nice proof of concept, and a good showcase of RMMVs in-browser capabilities. I had a lot of fun, in spite of the game's shortcomings.

For anyone looking for another nice implementation of this puzzle concept, I recommend Together Alone, which features multiple characters on one level, many different special blocks, and a storyline which is pretty decent.

OK game, thought provoker.

Neat little game! Level 19 is a doozey.

Upgrades are a neat idea, though I might suggest separating them from options and making them more prominent - currently a lot of players might not ever bother to go in there.

The puzzles are easy and it is fun to solve each one.