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Sex Kitten: Eastern Rampage!

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It's been a peaceful time on the tropical island where you've been living for a while... until one day - the carefree days come to a grinding halt as McSlut has run out of money! In order to avoid going into debt, she looks up an old friend in South Korea and you tag along for the business trip of a lifetime!

From the backwoods tropical village in the Bermuda, you find yourself in another wacky sex kitten adventure in the heart of the Big City of Seoul!

But it won't be a walk in the park - a new enemy has emerged, determined to stop you and McSlut dead in their tracks! Will you be able to wheel and deal, sneak and fast-talk your way to payday? Well, willya?!

File size is 6.65Mb.

PS: Can you find the super secret Slutty McSlut OC hentai?

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Is there any right answer for Link or is there a right time to answer Link? Otherwise, this was pretty amazeballs as always.

Yomuchan responds:

The answer is the bunny. Think outside the box.

duck butts, lel
Lol x"D this guy to someone using courtesy haha I loved that one
Ouh.... link is talking.... wow....

Damn =w= this time there is a trio and slutty mcslut is more sexy

The game is 10/10, I can't decide between this or mindfuck they are both just awesome, I can't wait to see more games like this
I had no complaints in this one, lel, this was funnier than others too and well, let's just resume this with a 10/10
I like the new system, and how there are text boxes for every item

Great game as always, but do you think we could get a game where we get to see Australian Science Bitch naked? She's one of the hottest characters imo.

Great to see you back! That one was a lot of fun. It's all over the place, which I like, but I'm not sure I've found everything in the game, even though I got the special at the end, is there even more? My only complaint is that I'd have liked to see more animation. Other than that, this series is awesome! Your writing is so much fun!

background is south korea. isn't it?