The Triplicates

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The world is constantly under threat from dangerous megalomaniacs, and the only thing preventing total catastrophe is F.U.R.Y., the world's finest gathering of highly trained secret agents! Take control of three characters and dash through trap-filled levels. Each character has a special ability. Agent Z is quick and double jumps. Agent X slows down traps. Agent C can break through obstacles. This is a blend of action platformer and speed runner; you’ll need to take advantage of each character’s ability at the right time to get through each level as fast as possible.

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Great character desing and concept, the music reminded me to Fallout, the game has that kind of vintage-futuristic style.

the game's really addicting. Love the art and music

Fun game!

Great art, music, and idea! Some of the jumps are frustrating though, especially the double jump in level 1.

Fairly enjoyable. It seems like thought was put into being able to complete each level with different strategies. This seems much more "speed runner" than "action platformer" as the action (actually fighting back) seems to be limited to when you're Buttercup. Interesting learning curve, where you start switching mid air to maximize/minimize time as different "agents," for slowing down time while falling or switching briefly to destroy an obstacle.

A few nitpicks:

- Semantics involving dying/restarting: If I die before a checkpoint, it makes more sense to just restart (so time goes back to zero). However the game just starts me off at the time that I died. The same happens for checkpoints, though restarting takes me to the beginning of the level. When playing for best time, this required me to go through the whole level w/o dying. Are the checkpoints just meant to aid playing for completion? Additionally the enemies restart their positions on restarting, but not dying; this is odd when restarting == dying when you haven't reached a checkpoint. Sometimes this results in the optimal strategy being to just restart the level to get a particular cycle.

- Blossom is useless: I think I only strictly needed her for the second (?) level where the thwomp would kill me if I didn't use it. In an early release, in one of the levels (13 I think), you could use the powers while waiting to get on a platform early and beat the level really quickly (http://i.imgur.com/ayPSE3N.png). Additionally dying as Blossom seems to cause weird time speedups?

- Bug when switching: Try standing on a moving platform and rapidly switching between Bubbles and Buttercup. You just...fall through.

- Speed when switching: I figure physically it makes sense that when I switch to Buttercup from Bubbles/Blossom I go slower (increased mass --> less speed by conservation of energy) but it would open up the door for so much cool tech if I could maintain my current speed.

- 3 Star Times: Some of the three star times seem incredibly precise. This could be a side affect of me sucking. Are there plans to have some sort of leaderboard, even just PRs for each level? I'd love to see how my time stacks up against other players, or how fast I can complete a given level.

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2.86 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2015
11:29 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop