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Science Cat

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Author Comments

First game ever! This simple little platformer was my game design project. You control scientist Catherine "Cat" Spacey as she tries to save her friend Doggie Schnauzer (a play on Doogie Howser, I like puns) who has turned into a monster following a failed experiment. She must collect items and head to the exit to try and save him. It's a nice little pick-up-and-play game that offers a challenge.

Like I said, this was my first attempt at making a game so there's bound to be some mistakes. As such, any feedback, good or bad, is greatly appreciated so that I can better myself.

So enjoy!

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Okay the premise drew me in but everything else about this game is pretty bad.
The controls are either sticky or strangely slidey, (how did you do that) The mice are random and you can't defend, or attack in any way.

Its just two levels long and the sudden jerky projectile thing from your "friend" is very hard to predict especially when it forces you into these lethal mice. Lastly there are issues with collision, your character moves like a piece of chibi bread cardboard, sliding over the Rest of the game. There is next to no immersion for me to not try and look for faults and that's bad.
And no REAL story to get me invested.
Lastly the art and music are just very uninspired. With eh music lasting all of 10 seconds before it badly loops.

Might wanna figure out more of what you actually want to do with this game so to make it more fun enjoyable and interesting.
As it is, its bland, badly controlling, and too short.

One star for effort.

kosmosuzuki responds:

Woo, this is just the kinda feedback I needed :D. As we had a deadline with just under a month to complete this, there's no doubt that basically every aspect of it is rushed. This being my first attempt at game-making, I'll take your feedback and make sure future projects/updated projects have a bit more substance to them.

The program we used was Stencyl. Apparently nobody in the department/class had used it before so we all kinda went in blind, heck even one of our instructors had some problems using it. But, negative feedback is actually better than positive feedback. This will help me learn and for that I thank you :D!

A nice first attempt! You should go back and edit it a bit, and add such things as:
A jumping animation, so it don't look the character is walking in air.
A intro, to describe the story.
Try to fix the collision detection a bit if you can, sometimes I got stuck in air.

Other then that, a very solid first attempt! Keep it up!

It's a pretty good game, the problem I have is with the travel. The character gets hung up on the edge of a block and can't jump until you back off a bit. Also, when the height is tight, you have to hit jump twice to get ahead. Otherwise, it's good.

kosmosuzuki responds:

Yah that was one of the problems I always kept having. I tried making certain parts of the level where if you hit the side you slid but there was always that one corner of the hit box you could get caught up in .-. Oh well, you learn right? And thanks for the feedback :D

Credits & Info

2.36 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2015
11:28 AM EST