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£10 Challenge

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Can you make a plane? How about a space probe?

I made this game as part of a real life £10 challenge. The goal is to make as much money as possible for charity starting with £10. So I made a game about doing the £10 challenge and I'm donating all the ad revenue from it to charity.


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what is the game about? i get the ad revenue for charity... however... whats in the game functions? i see only a blank white page.. with a 3 button menu , play, about, donate to charity... what ever i press nothing happens... should i wait more? refresh the page or smth? im confused....

how dare people shame this this AWEMAZING game it have features that i can not comprahend NA DI LOVE HOW YOU PEOPLE SHAME SHAME I CALL POWER OF ZEUS TO SMITE THE <3 love highest i got was 405 i don't know how use money ;3 thats why im a rich hobo guy :D

wow this was boring this game is way to slow and there is not much to do

I hope there are more kind of function to play with

Cool idea! Be sure to update us on how much this is earning :D