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Help Matilda to go away from the park and not to meet a maniac.
Using a computer mouse, find different things, which you can use against him.


Even tho most of the other NewGrounders/players reviewed this game to be.wEll... ass. Cause shit did disconnect I still found it arousing tho the first few rape scenes aint what i wanted, and an ugly lookin Titan faces-ass dude being the "BAD" at no surprise. I find myself still favoring this game.

spoiler: she gets pregnant from a guy that cums ON her instead of inside, must be one potent guy.

The animation is really slow and not really good. Her ankles disconnect from her feet when she walks and could you really not draw another hand for the masturbating scene?

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Same story like in your other game ... Rossi. Exactly the same (and my same total points for it). ^^

A woman must walk, she find sometimes things (btw, enter and tab key is helpful for gameplay), to fight versus some rapists and at the end she make even sex with one of them. Doesn't want you to make it better or are you not interesting in trying new things ?

Walkthrough: take the thing at the chicken house to beat the first rapist. Then, take the screwdriver and go in the van for using the lamp. Then beat with him rapist number two.

At the next rapist - three - take the hammer (quickly, you must be fast, he is laying next to the car) to beat him also. Last rapist you can click - before danger timeline - without fear and see, what happen.

The woman here looks good, that is a plus. Her voice like a young child makes a strange fantasy in a already sick rape gameplay. And don't tell us, please, your costumers want such things from you.

All in all a game, for what it does is okay, but would you make it better, and same so your complete work in general, it is more fine. Oh, and your russian buddys here with the same no respect before women and critic ... sorry, no comment.

It is already enough what they do write.

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I always put the volume at 69% for the lulz, but damn these sound effects will still terrorize me in my sleep.
Nevertheless, not a bad game, I guess.

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2.65 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2015
11:12 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other