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The Quick Brown Fox

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First Character 5 Points

Unlock your first character on the fox select screen.

First Stage 5 Points

Unlock your first stage on the Stage select screen.

Little Jumper 5 Points

Jump over the dog 500 times in total.

Apprentice 10 Points

Achieve a Highscore of 50 or higher.

Medium Jumper 10 Points

Jump over the dog 1000 times in total.

Painful Spikes 10 Points

Get hit by a hedgehog 50 times.

Painful Teeth 10 Points

Get bitten by a dog 50 times.

Painful Wings 10 Points

Get hit by a duck 50 times.

Big Jumper 25 Points

Jump over the dog 5000 times in total.

Onesided 25 Points

Stay on one side of the dog for 8 seconds or longer before you jump back over it.

Scholar 25 Points

Achieve a Highscore of 100 or higher.

All Characters 50 Points

Unlock all characters in the game.

All Stages 50 Points

Unlock all stages in the game.

Immortal Jumper 50 Points

Jump over the dog 10.000 times in total.

Master 50 Points

Achieve a Highscore of 200 or higher.

Pangram Collector 50 Points

Collect all pangram sentences contained in the game.

Illiteracy 100 Points

Achieve a score of 50 or higher without collecting any letters.

Author Comments

**Switch to Fullscreen from the Main Menu or by pressing "F"!**

The quick brown fox is a one-button concentration game that follows three simple rules:

1. The fox accelerates and turns by itself as long as it touches the ground.
2. Don't touch other animals.
3. You only need to decide when to jump.

How many times can you jump over that lazy dog? The game starts out easy, but once you master the basic jumps you will have a hard time evading the incoming animals without falling off the cliff. Oh, and while you are at it, collect some of these floating letters to complete the sentence at the top of the screen. Completed sentences earn you an envelope which you can use to unlock new characters and stages.

Space / mouse click in the right moment to jump over the dog and evade the other animals.

Press "R" for instant restart.
Press "P" to pause the game (and adjust audio volumes)
Press "F" to toggle fullscreen mode.

Collect the letters for additional points and to complete the pangram sentence on top of the screen to earn envelopes. Use envelopes to unlock additional stages and characters.

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The game has an idiotic bug that extremely often prevents you from getting higher scores: at some point your score simply freezes no matter how many times you jump over the dog or how many letters you collect.

The page at http://uploads.ungrounded.net says:

Out of memory. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating more memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings.


This error message occurred after unlocking all playable characters and stages and trying to play on the summer stage. So now I'll need to start the entire game over again (and maybe just not play on the summer stage?)

Other than that it's a very average game. It works but it could be better.

I don't even know what to say about this. This is just another game witch you will play a lot.

This is just exactly as some crazy crash party. Thing always crashes like a drunk life form. Nothing but the game we all got here has crashed for me this 'lovely'. It should be taken to a quite of fix things in order to not allow crashing for every single player literally...
Yet, at very tiny degree but seriously did some fun time on playing all that explicit oddity :p

A little sorry, but well, it's not your greatest success ever let's bravely say.
Although I was that inhuman to really just be sipmply patient enough and get the whole game medal stuff mhwhaha!!:D
Still such fantastic fail anyway you OMBG definitely wasted potential of the game - at the actual point which makes it cause insanely frequent, purposeless crashes. No doubt all of us, the players hope you don't provide the universe with something glitchy like this again...:O

PS: That may be good to include rabbit in characters. Or skunk ahah!

Another PS: Space stage idea can sound like fun??...

great game works fine unity is worst choice anyone could ever use for a web game

Credits & Info

2.60 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2015
10:52 AM EST