Bunny and Squirt

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There is a story about bunny and squirt. They will race to reach the finish line. Spot and click all 10 differences between the scenes


I was able to spot around eight differences on the first two scenes. I am afraid that I have to discontinue here because the game hasn't delivered the satisfaction I want.

not that good of a game

I really liked this game. I enjoyed spending ages trying to find all the differences, being very careful not to click on the wrong thing as to not lose points. I like the art style and the story-based panels.
This game was quite enjoyable. The one thing I would change, though, is possibly more tracks or something other than a 5 second loop. After a while, while not annoying, it gets a bit boring.

Well I thought it was good. A bit too short though and that music is annoying a longer loop would be better. One problem is clicking on the right difference getting it right but also getting 5 points taken away, maybe you should fix that.

The trick to a good STD game is to make the differences not so subtle they're easily missed. Also, make sure both pictures are lined up properly with the borders so you don't get caught mistakenly spotting a non-programmed place.

This is NOT a good STD game then. Scene 3 was alright though.

Even when the hints point it out, half the time I can't tell what the difference is. It's not helped by the obscuring paw print.
The graphics are okay and I like the story based pictures. I like there's a hint system.
I need to know what qualifies the grading though. Score, time, use of hints?
The reticle/pointer hinder - not help - gameplay and I get too nervous using the reticle, so I'm constantly moving back and forth to select differences.

I didn't bother playing it twice.

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2.56 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2015
7:19 AM EST
Puzzles - Difference