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LENIN 40000

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best vidio i wacht

Warhammer 40k lol. I guess this is what the future would be like if Lenin were the Emperor of Mankind? Maybe the Emperor actually is Lenin, just like how he was Moses and Chris-chan but he decided to continue fucking around with illusionary appearance shifting as Lenin so he wouldn't end up rotting to perpetual death on the Golden Throne of Terra. I like the comparison between Capitalism to Chaos. This was quite a clever parody, which is reflected in the minimalistic & very simplistic art & animation style, which is conveniently modeled after Russian propaganda.

Just a heads up, you should change up your tags to be more broad. Newgrounds has its own search engine using tags so if I were to search "Warhammer 40K" in the tag engine I wouldn't be able to find your video; I can't imagine someone searching "wh40".

If you run ads in your movies you should post a link of this video in the description; when people click it, a Youtube video will generate in the description rather than redirecting from one site to another, meaning you can double tap on your ad revenue from this site by allowing both videos to be viewed at the same time. You should also put this in your description:


Following people on Newgrounds is just the same as subscribing people on Youtube so when people follow you, they'll receive alerts for every new upload & blog post. Speaking of which, you should also make a new blog post for every new submission. There's actually a portal for blogs that people lurk on so you'll garner extra attention from those people; when you post these new blogs, you embed both the NG video & Youtube video to the blog post.

Also, if you're making these animations in Flash, I would suggest making dual uploads for both; your SWF files with Flash ads enabled on top of your pre-roll & in page ads will generally make more money than just the video uploads that only use pre-roll & in page ads but people with phones won't be able to view your movie without the video equivalent.

I see that you've been active here for the last couple of years but I figured you could use these tips. I'll try to help get your stuff promoted but I can only help so much.

I would buy it.

wow, this movie had the epicness of WH 40,000, combined with the strange story of lenin!
good graphics, they reminded me of the delicious propaganda posters of the time....
good work, comrade, the commissar will be proud!

40/40 golden communistic stars!