Markiplier Rage Quit Reanimated

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ATTENTION TROLL FAGS I Don't care what you comment about this
Even with your Negative Shit Comments I will ignore them. to be honest Just say I don't Like Mark ok it's that simple so I will not be posting My markiplier animated here becouse of none Helpful comments and Fag trollers so Back to the good stuff for three stars. so...HAPPY?!! Enjoy Trolling scrum.. ^_^


haha i liked it and im a troll too xD

InsaneAnimator responds:

wait wut? then If your a troll then you should have gave it none or just too or one. I'm very confused and said rude things ,but Thanks for a good ratting anyway.
but the stylus is broke so I won't be animating right now. but glad you liked it.
unless you didn't IDK I'm just really confused on your status on my animation.


InsaneAnimator responds:

yeah Thanks but this got dumb ed down by lots of people because of hatters that Troll or just hate markiplier your score should have been what it got for rating, but thanks for liking it anyway
Plus sad new my stylus is broken so I won't posting animation anytime soon till next mouth.

*SIGH!!!!*. . . .

After four seconds you gave up on switching backgrounds for the rest of your submission . . . Not only that the last 26 seconds (not including credits) . . . all you anim8'd was the mouth, and a hand loop. You got skill but to call urself the "INSANE ANIMATOR" . . .

The only thing that makes u insane imho*** is sellin urself short. At least put the mouth movements inside a movie clip - AND MAKE THE HEAD MOVE WHEN HE TALKS! WHAT THE HECK! ! ! I AM NOT A TROLL ! BUT I CAN TELL UR LAZY!!!!

InsaneAnimator responds:

You wanna know who's lazy YOU because you could be making an animation or doing something worth the while instead you just gave up your time. To say negative a and I quote a Big negative comment that really does not mean a thing to me. yeah Hahha very funny Just say you don't like markiplier animations and that I hate Fans of markiplier. now if you be so kind to stop F'en around like a stupid little twit and man up and grow balls and a person to inspire. not Negative shit head hatter who wants the world to evolve around him. you think you mean shit to me N***a Please. this comment of yours only shows how easy it is to provoke you. ha wow I'm so scared.

Really like the way it was animated. And it's funny to watch. On-top of that you got some really talent I can see that. That ending though :P was hilarious. Overall 4.5\5 for being entertaining.

InsaneAnimator responds:

Hey thanks I did that all night last night up to 1:00 am
But I'm fine now thanks again

when you said barey did you mean Barry like from the game grumps

InsaneAnimator responds:

yeah I think one time markiplier said " Give me kitten's barry
but yeah sorry about that

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2.38 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2015
7:32 AM EST
Comedy - Parody