Indivisible: Self Reflection

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A quick project made in a little under 2 weeks. It was made for the Indivisible art contest. Criticisms greatly appreciated.

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Ajna model

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This is wonderful

Looking more and more forward to that new rpg.

Girl on the left looks better than the one on the right, but overall looks good.

This take on how martial arts are taught today is pretty accurate I find. That last scene with the two of them doing the same pose after tweaking a few subtle differences speaks more than the rest of the video for me since I've been a karateka for a number of years now. And although I don't really recognize any of the techniques used, I find it very beautiful to watch them fight in such synchronicity, blocking and attacking at the same time.

Given the time frame, the level of polish and aesthetics, the choice of silent interpretation is more than adequate since one is more likely than not to be one's own worse critic and that visual representation speaks volumes in how we always try to get better when doing something. I personnally would have taken a male character as the thinker and a female counterpart that tests the techniques the former has learned. But that's just me though, I think it would have challenged the status quo of women being weaker than men but this is just as beautiful either way. Now, if only that grass in the leg wasn't there at the beginning, or even in the shot, I'd say that it only needed a better quality recording to do it justice enough.

I like how abstracted the theme is, yet how concrete you have presented it :) Being familiar with many of these kinds of themes and depths of presentation in animation, from transcending abstracted words into visual concepts, I really like how this was presented given the time and work involved. I'm unsure if the message is easily grasped, but personally, it is very understandable if you don't take it fully literally (or...do, but not like she's literally fighting herself, as what the earlier comments denote).
To others: I believe the fighting is an analogy instead--she isn't actually fighting, but more like 'sparring' or honing her thoughts and composure, 'fighting' and developing mental fortitude. The last scenes involve adjustment of stance and subtle corrections--this is to be taken as an analogy as when the view shifts, she's in the original position as in the start.

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Nov 10, 2015
12:22 AM EST