My First Bad Game(enjoy)

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Its bad.but hey not that bad for a first try.also say all bad things about this game ,guilt free because i want to at least figure out what to fix.also its really bad so if you like bad game.dont play it

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This game misses some story and maybe some checkpoints (I got tired after dying first 9 times). I really liked the graphics and controls.

It is realy nice and interesting! Add a lot of interactions (monster, switch, coins, power up, equipement etc.) and it can be realy fun! You are a robo, so you can add a shop for buying mechanicals parts.

JustDumbGamer responds:

Lol XD

There didn't seem to be an aim for the game, and there were no instructions. You could have put some instructions for the jump-took me some time to get that 'space' was jump. The end of the game was slightly abrupt (falling off something and coming to an empty screen?) and rather confusing.

For the platforming, I had an issue of being stuck at the edge and only being able to go back, killing myself most times. However, the art for the robot was quite nice. Overall could have added some instructions and aim in the description, maybe? And try to fix the issue of being stuck at the edge of the platforms.

"You win! now go away!" Thanks, but I think I will leave some feedback first. :)

Actually, I would say that you've got a pretty good start here, especially for a first try. However, as you may have already noticed, this needs more work in order to become a competent platforming game.

The art of the game is almost decent, but I suggest putting more work into it. I would also strongly recommend including some sounds and music to improve the atmosphere of the game and make it more satisfying to play.

The platforming physics are a bit clunky, because I sometimes stuck to the edges of the platforms. The level design is a bit simple, but it does the job. Consider ramping up the difficulty in future releases.

Overall, this gives the impression of a game that was made relatively quickly for practice and/or to test your abilities. You did very well for a first try, but you might be ready to attempt something more ambitious next time.

Hey, this is better than so much crap on newgrounds, so I'll say it's pretty good. I hit a spot where you can't move in the game. I don't know how to explain where it is, but I'll let you know it's there. It freezes the character in the "falling" part of when it moves. So, I hope you fix it. I hate to be "That guy" But grammar errors in your "Author Comments" Should be fixed. I would say that you still put work into this! Keep making games! I bet that you will be better in no time.

JustDumbGamer responds:

yeah and my grammar does suck because i was rushing to get the game out

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1.73 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2015
2:29 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other
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