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Without End

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Fight until the end! Than... repeat...

Small HTML experiment in Game Maker Studio (my first GMS game).

Windows download: http://gamejolt.com/games/without-end/93331

My official place http://mmmfree2dwindowsgames.blogspot.rs/

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The graphics and sound are both good. There was lag which can really bring down any game.

-The sound match with the topic.
-The game idea seem interesting.
-Nice graphic

-Don't get the plot. (Ship vs aliens)
-Instruction goes too fast.
-Sound can become annoying.
-Boss battle soon after the start
-Boss battle way too hard.

this game is great. it really reminds me of turn based rpg's but without the turn thing, which is definetly better. not only is the game unique, but its also not self-repeating. each mission is different and not just in a texture level, its got different movement squares, different vehicles, different attacks, and different bosses. sure the music can get loopy sometimes but nothing can be perfect and honestly i didnt even gave a damn because i was bussy looking at the giant alien that was infront of me. i had some lag issues but i think thats my own internet's fault. the bp system (and its usage) makes the concept even more original. we also got the classic experience and health system going on. another thing which makes the game better (and original) is the movement system. its not just wasd, you have to avoid enemy attacks (sometimes your own attacks [like mission 2]) and you have to decide whether you can escape the enemy attack and act fast about it, or waste bp's and move faster to a certain square (like mission 1), so it reminds me of chess more than anything. to wrapp it up, i thing this game definetly deserves a place in this website and you (the developer) should definetly look back and get some inspiration from this game when you make new games.

MMMgames responds:

Thanks! I'm glad that you like the game :) Lag isn't your fault (not entirely). I am still learning HTML optimization (it's unforgiving). This was an HTML experiment and I was learning from this a lot. Next game will be full JRPG but it will have 2 combo systems so... i hope it will not become repetitive. Thanks for playing and I hope I will not disappoint with my next game :)