CDrone Survival

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Use your MOUSE or WASD+Space
Life, Shield, Engine and Weapon can be upgraded after each level
Checkpoints are at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 14, 16, 17, 20, 24 and 25

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i think this game is very hard , funny and classic

This game is really hard. The enemies are really small and the player hit box is huge which it makes it very hard to dodge. Not to mention that the bullets you fire are really small. Which makes it harder to shoot an enemy. Well... I can stand this problem, but the problem that makes me angry is there's no invincibility frame when you get hit. Seriously. At level 6, where there's so many enemies to shoot, when i got hit, it just bounces me all over the place and I got hit 3 times. And at level 7, where there was saws that chase you, I got trapped on 3 saws at every direction and it just killed me in 1 second. But that's not all... I made it to the boss stage. And it was frustrating. I was dodging and shooting with full health and armor like 5 minutes and when i missed the laser once (the one that goes left and right), I got killed. I'm giving this a 2.5 star because it's not impossible and it is kinda fun at the first 5 levels. If you can balance the game, that would be appreciated.

Level 8 boss was ridiculous. I've gone up against that thing like 10 times and still can't find a way to dodge the 360 shot. Is it even possible? The largest issue with the game would be our ship's very large hit box.
Dodging is damned difficult, which is quite the departure from the other bullet hell's I've experienced. All in all, it was a fun diversion but quickly becomes frustrating. As is I could not recommend your game to others, perhaps after you've taken a second crack at balance?

I want to like the game. I really do. But I can't because I have no idea what is going on because you never explain anything! It took me several deaths before I realize that I go back a level when I die. But I still don't know if I keep my upgrades when I do. And then, in a bafflingly dumb concept...you DON'T go back a level if you die against the Boss. Instead, you just start the level over again at the same health that you started. So basically, if you start the Boss level with only one health bar...your entire game was all for nothing. You just wasted you time. Because you may as well start your game over from the start. (Or better yet, just stop playing.) Because you are NEVER going to get through the boss without getting hit once. And since there is no Boss health bar, who the hell knows how many times you have to hit it.I don't even know if there are more than one Boss. Because again, no explanations whatsoever. But I know I hit the damn boss with several power upped weapons like a million times and still had no idea if it was about to die or not. Then I died when the boss started firing around in a full circle in fast rotation. (Again...meaning there is NO WAY you can survive without getting hit a few times, so you better have full health when you finish the previous level or your game as all for nothing.) I honestly think my 1 1/2 stars in a bit generous

I am 100% convinced you haven't actually played your own game. That is the only way I can justify the wild, ridiculous lack of balancing. You have an enormous hit box, and you fit things with much smaller hit boxes. Weaving through fields of bullets (like you would in a bullet hell game) is impossible because of how large your ship is. Health is incredibly scarce, and I have gone multiple rounds without ever seeing a single health pick up. The fact you often have to take damage (stand still) to get health is ridiculous. Completely random upgrades (which don't explain themselves during your first run) means you can have runs where you don't find any power upgrades or engine upgrades. As those are the most important, it's possible to have a run go to hell entirely because the RNG decides to give you a hard time.

All of the enemies are incredibly annoying. They have small hit boxes, fire tracking shots, and are just a general nuisance. Of course killing them is pointless, so you why bother fighting them? The first boss has an attack which is literally impossible to avoid (the one where it waves the laser in a wide arc over the screen). I don't know if I'm supposed to have killed it before that point, but considering all upgrades are random, you probably won't have the damage to do so. The only way I can think of to counter it is to get into the bottom left corner where the lazer doesn't appear to reach, but the attack happens so fast that I have never actually pulled it off. Speaking of, its health pool is ridiculous. The fact that you also have random rocks flying across the screen while fighting him is just icing on the stupid, stupid cake.

Your graphics were fine I suppose. It looks good, but everything is completely static, so it's basically just a bunch of jpegs firing jpegs at each other. There doesn't appear to be any firing animation, enemy tells, or anything like that, so attacks always seem random (both your own and your enemy's)

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3.23 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2015
2:16 PM EST