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Future Knight Remake

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Bomb 5 Points

Used a bomb

Confuser 5 Points

Used a confuser

Enemy Down 5 Points

You killed an enemy

Gameover 5 Points

You died 3 times

Health 5 Points

Used a health kit

You died 5 Points

You died

Big enemy down 10 Points

Killed a big enemy

Gold 10 Points

Found a gold coin

Level 2 10 Points

Entered level 2

Level 3 10 Points

Entered level 3

Level 4 10 Points

Entered level 4

Level 5 10 Points

Entered level 5

Level 6 10 Points

Entered level 6

Level 7 10 Points

Entered level 7

Escape! 25 Points

Found your spaceship and escaped the alien mothership.

Homage 25 Points

Found the retro level

Superbomb! 25 Points

Used a superbomb!

Collector 0 Points

Found all gold coins!

Author Comments



= You can get the OFFLINE WINDOWS version here:

= Follow me on twitter (@jondmt) to get updates on my upcoming games!

= Check out my latest game Tomb Explorer

Version 1.2 Nov2016 :

- Fixed some bugs
- Levels overall easier
- Added leaderboards
- Roll Colors from the pause menu
- Golden Coin Indicator
- Arrow+ZX support


- Upon finishing the game you will get 50.000 points
- Try to find the golden coins, each is worth 1000 points


+ About
A freestyle remake of Future Knight. A platform game released in 1986 for the 8bit computers like Amstrad, Commodore64 and ZXSpectrum. This remake is based on the Amstrad CPC version.

+ Freestyle
The map design doesn't follow the original game but rather I designed everything from scratch. Some game mechanics were improved, like the ability to move while jumping, having an inventory, faster gamespeed, etc.

+ Made with HaxeFlixel
+ Supports xbox360 controller
+ Keyboard
WASD or Arrow keys = move
X,K = Jump / OK
K,J = Shoot / Cancel
Enter = Open Inventory
Space = Pause
0,+, - = Adjust volume


Q: This game sucks.
A: Don't play it.

Q: What do I do?
A: Find keys that open exits, try not to die.

Q: How many coins there are ??
A: There are 36 coins total. Some of them are tricky to find and get.

Q: I'm stuck, help!
A: There is a cheatcode where you can levelskip. http://pastebin.com/9jxB27GW

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Good retro-themed game, but too weird on gamepad controls. You really should have let people remap gamepad buttons. It would not have been hard to add a gamepad config screen and let players map the buttons as they wish.

Here is how it plays if you use a Playstation 3 controller. Left joystick moves, okay fair enough. D-pad left or D-pad right is jump as well as accepts menu selections = totally unacceptable! Square button is fire, okay, but not when jump is D-pad left or right, lol. I guess Playstation 3 controller users are supposed to be mutants with two left thumbs.

How it should have played on such controller. Left joystick *or* D-pad moves. Square button as fire, X button as jump *or* the reverse of that.

Recommended to play using a keyboard only unless your *exact* gamepad is the XBox 360 gamepad, in which I assume it is okay, though I don't have one of those to verify personally. There was precisely zero good reason for this arbitrary oversight as a simple config screen would have allowed *any* gamepad to work well provided the browser can interact with it.

OMG, great effort!! I really like it, even though I'm not skilled (or patient) enough to complete it! I really appreciate your work! The only small thing I could say is about the jumping mechanic, but I'm sure it's part of the challenge, so I'll shut up! XD
Keep it up!!!

I was going to write an angry review 5 minutes into this game, until I figured out, you use the up arrow to use exits. well "w", man I felt stupid, but knowing that, really fun game.

Great job in revisitng an old classic. I hope to see more from you in the future.

The game is pretty good, I love the art style simulating an old tv, but the gameplay isn't very innovative and it doesn't pull the player in well enough, but don't sweat it its a great job! :)

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2015
6:19 PM EST

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