Gods Of Arena

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Advanced Lanista 10 Points

Have a team of 5 gladiators

Adventurer 10 Points

Complete 30 quests

Bloody Gambler 10 Points

Win 10 bets

Bull's Eye 10 Points

Upgrade a Saggitarius to 5 stars

Deadly Toils 10 Points

Upgrade a Retiarius to 5 stars

Death Machine 10 Points

Upgrade a Goul to 5 stars

Double Dragon 10 Points

Upgrade a Dimacherous to 5 stars

Entertainer 10 Points

Complete the 1st city

Fancy Fishing 10 Points

Ensnare 100 enemies

Fearless 10 Points

Complete a 3 stars quest

Little Sparta 10 Points

Win a fight with one gladiator agains 3 rivals

Long Spear Of Destiny 10 Points

Upgrade a Hoplomahus to 5 stars

Never Give Up 10 Points

Lose three fights in a row

Shielded 10 Points

Upgrade a Murmillo to 5 stars

Slaver 10 Points

Buy or sell 10 slaves

Last Man Standing 25 Points

Win a 5x5 fight with the last man survived in your team

Slayer 25 Points

Kill 500 rivals

Arrows of Glory 50 Points

Win a fight having a team of gladiators with ranged weapon only

Show Runner 50 Points

Complete the 2nd city

Carpetbagger 100 Points

Complete the 3rd city

Legend 100 Points

Complete 100 quests

Author Comments

Update (ver. 1.1.0):

- Balance improved, now the game will be easier in the beginning.

After the long wanderings Cornelius returned home just to find that his father died and all the money had gone. He will have to rebuild the gladiators house that belongs to his family almost from scratch.

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I find a couple of imbalances.
Your archers start in the front line, vulnerable to attack, while the opponent archers start in the back row.
Opponent special attacks seem to take less time to activate (at least on first use), and always take precedence over your activation of special attacks.

I could wish when using a special attack where it is appropriate there was a target selection option.

Nice and fun but gets boring soon. Only went for the Spear of Destiny Medal since the Goul evolution is the slowest and Death Machine and Spear of Destiny medals are changed...

Other than that there are too few items. I mean there are a lot of them but there's always a best. No balance like this armor has more health but adds less defence. You just spam Blacksmith and wait for the best pieces to come. (Every time you enter you get different items don't even have to complete a mission.)

The Saggitarius is the best character. Just bought 3 of them and used hotshot and every enemy just melted. (2 men needed for blocking the enemy archers.) It's just about cheating. You shoot your htshot when the enemies are reloaded and they have to start over reloading. And it's very frustrating when 3 enemy archers constantly hit your men and you just can't deal damage. (Also why isn't any girls?)

Betting is useless. The odds are bad. You've better fight. (I always bet the man with the longer weapon since then the other one just have no chance.)

Too few missions and they have no difference. (I once fought against a lion and once a horde of wolves but every other time just gladiators and gladiators...)

Neat game tho enjoyed the 2 hours of gamplay. (Than didn't enjoy the 3 hours of goul grinding but well... who needs the medal...)

Buying new slaves is just useless, just train a slave you already have. The only reason would be to buy new is that they are level 2 in certain classes but the first 2 levels are completed in no time so you shouldn't waste your money on buying slaves.

I liked it, but the battles are pretty much all the same.

Some improvements would include not forcing the player to accept contract murders or pillaging the poor. Once you choose not to do those things, you lose options to earn money.

There is a difference between ruthless and evil, powerful and heartless, but the game developer doesn't implement that here. Limited the playability to a single day.


Been trying to get the Death Machine medal for years now, i have maxed the class 5 times now, not to mention it's also the slowest of them all to max and it still didn't unlock! It also the only goddamn medal i need for the full 100%

Seriously, fuck this game!

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2015
8:59 AM EST
Strategy - Other