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Hyper Halloween

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use WASD to shoot, and arrow keys to move.
walk into the staircase to advance to the next level.
eat candy to replenish health.
there are 50 levels, every 10th level is a boss.

I threw this together because I felt compelled to make a halloween game, and I haven't uploaded anything in like 2 years. Unfortunately the deadline caused for the graphical quality to suffer, as well as the music (or lack thereof).

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So I think that you're on the right track. I take it you don't have that much experience in game design since it is unfortunately unappealing. However at your level things I would recommend is:

1: The Background looks really bad so I would use the main menu's image as the background and make all the enemies, and characters sillouhettes with their eyes glowing.

2: Make the movement better and more natural such as in Binding of Isaac

3: Add physics It is probably the most essential part that is missing. Even if its only on the witches hair or cloak (and make it look good)

4: you need to keep increasing the difficulty. I thoroughly enjoyed the Frankenstein fight but after that it became easier and easier.

5. Last but not least.: this is more of a suggestion than a criticism. Make all the blast attacks shot from enemies knock against the walls of the room so that more skill is involved.

So that's it from me. I still enjoyed playing through the game and I would definitely play it if it gets reskinned and changed a little.

P.S. The rolling pumpkin looks fantastic!!

Not a big fan

The shooting / enemy impact has a good feel. Frankenstein is tough, still trying to get past him! If you expand on this, weapon and player upgrades would be a ton of fun.

svaerth responds:

Fulp Sempai! *eyes tear up*. thanks man! Maybe next Halloween I'll take it further.