eat the poison 4/2: the inverted stomac

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I am very confused by this game, it isn't bad though.

WTF did I just play? This is too thought out to be crap and too crappy to be good. Had to go through it a few times to see if there was something I wasn't getting but it's just pure chaos in a flash game with random bits of philosophy 101. I kinda like it :) 3/5 vote, 4/5 star.

newgroundsHatesMe responds:

"too thought out to be crap and too crappy to be good" that is a good description, i guess, i did try to make some things very deliberate, other things i was just screwing around. i did spend a good deal of time doing it, mostly for myself, but glad you appreciated that to some extent

I cant even word o_O. Pure insanity my friend. Hands down the most Bizarre game I have ever played in my life.

newgroundsHatesMe responds:

glad you enjoyed it
there are many much weirder games, though, like this one http://gamejolt.com/games/mond-cards/18002
the website wip.warpdoor.com showcases many other strange things

Ok multiple problem here the changing layout is super weird. And There too much randomness here and your art work is like a finger painting while this is a game about a life and how you see it.

This is actully kinda lame but I like the randomness of it. Have you consider using contruct two its a platform game engine and I feel like you could use it here and do alot more stuff with it such as jumping shooting and perhap an inventory. dont get me wrong i love adventure type it just I have no idea what is going on. A brief explanation and a clear goal. To why am i adventuring here what is the purpose of this game.

I see alot of potential in this game but I see that you are using some old program and I have to ask why did you include Down and UP if you arent going to allow us to use it. And why is the on click space base on the X and Y Coors.

2 star because its original and you have good taste in music.

newgroundsHatesMe responds:

i have made platform games with stencyl, stencyl is probably about the same for making platform games, it was last updated a month ago. I didn't do that here because that wasn't what i wanted. I am making another platform game now. the carrying of one object served as enough of an inventory for me.

about having a clear goal, i don't think that's really is what makes games appealing. I like games with clear goals, but i also like games that have no clear goal, those were the ones i was most inspired by initially, like Knytt Stories, mateusz skutnik's daymare town games, Nekra Psaria and An Untitled Story. I think it's less about goals and more about how the game guides your perception. But appealing to other people isn't my primary goal, so i don't know if i really want to think about that too much.

The one thing i completely agree with you on is including all 4 arrow keys when only 2 were used, i don't mean to be confusing about the controls like that. Clicking space would be based on the x and y coordinates because it doesn't make sense that you can interact with something when you're far away from it. I made the music, btw.

Thanks for the lengthy comment, it stimulated me to think about why i do this stuff and all the little details.

Sorry but its really bad

newgroundsHatesMe responds:

ok, toodles

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2.36 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2015
10:12 PM EDT
Adventure - Other