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The Fighting Green

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Oct 28, 2015 | 9:59 PM EDT

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Who will emerge the victor?

Hey all! I have an RSI in my right hand from making this to meet the deadline for my first year uni, so by typing with my LEFT hand, I'll make these comments brief-ish.

This is the first fight scene I've ever done that WASN'T stick figures, and it's the first time I've actually drawn more than two frames for any character moving in a single shot, so to take on this kind of project for me was pretty risky and experimental, but it ended up being one of the most valuable learning experiences of my animation "career" (if I my be so bold to call it that xD). I learned so many processes and techniques along the way (including learning how to make Flash shit itself slightly less than it usually does haha) and there's still so much I wanted to try in the animation, but alas, deadlines must be met. I'm SUPER encouraging constructive criticism, harsh or not, concerning ANYTHING and/or everything about the movie, because I want to learn as much as I can and the movie certainly wouldn't be nearly the quality it is now without all the comments I received from friends, classmates and teachers along the way. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!!
Oh it's still uploading? I might as well keep typing...

So much for brief-ish.

A bit of contextual background, this fight scene is part of an overarching sci-fi story called Crypten Coil that I want to begin making when I have some time and improve my skills a little bit more. There are some other video's on my profile which also tease it a bit too that I made back in high school, so feel free to check those out too.
(64% uploaded)
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. How's the weather where you are?

I suppose I should chuck in some links if you wanna see more of my stuff.


Man you're still reading all these long-ass links, how obsessed with me are you?
Well I guess I'll reward you with a place to be a super sneaky stealthy stalker:

Oop, it's uploaded. Toodles, enjoy! CRITIQUE ME :O!!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Just finished watching this animation and I feel there is a lot that needs to be said, it isn't bad but I feel there are quite a few areas that need improvement.

To start lets look at the positives.
+ For someone doing fight choreography you did a pretty good job for a first time effort (especially given the fact that it was tweened).
+Again I wanted to point out that you did a good job win tweening as I know it can be a difficult task to get right, especially when it comes to making fight scenes.

Now I would like to touch on the areas that need improvement.
-Having looked at your previous videos it doesn't appear like your art style has developed that much. Your proportions are far too blocky and need a lot of work. I would seriously recommend doing some life drawing classes or furiously studying some drawing books until you refine your general anatomy skills.

A great online resource I would highly recommend you use is a site called pixel lovely, it's essentially an online life drawing class where you have pictures of posed models running on a slideshow (you can set duration) and you try to draw them as best as you can before moving onto the next slide. You mentioned that you had some RSI and whilst I don't know how severe it might be I still recommend you do these exercises on pixel lovely, even if you can only do it in 5-10 minute stints.

-Your principles of animation could use some work, especially in the field of follow through. That spin attack feels super weird and I can't exactly put my finger as to why. I think it might be due to the lack of forward momentum since it looks like green is trying to do damage with the spin attack but since he just kinda hovers in front of the other guy it kinda just looks weird.

Honestly I think you made this whole project much harder for yourself by tweening pretty much all of it, you didn't do a bad job given the complexity that comes with making a fight scene. Personally I would try to make use of frame by frame animation just so you can improve both your anatomy skills and animation principles, but you can do as you wish (joints are hard to get right with tweening).

-At times it's difficult to follow whats happening. This is a problem that kinda merges with the ones listed above but still needs mentioning regardless. There were a couple times during the animation where I simply wasn't sure what was happening, there was no context given to where they were, why they were fighting, and so on. Another thing that particularly bothered me was the lack of follow through with the moves, for instance green does a side kick into the other guy however the other guy doesn't move or flinch in anyway which gives the impression that there was no impact. In fact there were quite a few instances where I didn't feel like the impact of the moves were really expressed enough, however in saying that I understand that is quite difficult when you're tweening everything.

I know this is a long list of negatives but I feel like they need to be mentioned to ensure that you know where to improve as an artist.
You did a good job with this piece but you will really need to work hard if you want to take your skills to the next level.

In short:
*Refine your art style or better yet try copying a few different ones to help improve your skills and then go back to improving your own. Really can't stress this enough, probably the most crucial point.
*Refine your anatomy, find reference and practise every day
*Work on your principles of animation, switching to a frame by frame workflow might be helpful
*Ensure that your narrative/actions are clear to the audience. Everything should be clear and easy to understand on screen.

Keep up the good work and keep animating :)


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Very average. Doesn't offer anything new in concept.

Maccamuffin responds:

I've had some feedback similar to that from others as well. Overall, this project was purposed to develop my technical skills and knowledge of the animation principles, and to practice choreographing and composing an interesting fight scene. However, I suppose I should also consider aiming to do that whilst presenting a story/concept that also brings something new to the table. One thing I've been told is that I'm often too vague or indirect in the ideas in my work and leave too much to the audiences imagination, so when I want to leave a story open, I may not give enough answers for things to make sense. It would be helpful if you could also point out what I have done well, as there ARE two stars there out of five that I'm not sure why you chose to give.

Thanks for the feedback!