Still Spineless: Crows

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Watch episode 2 here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/682993

Countless lives lost, bodies have been found... but the number of missing citizens climb higher than the corpses discovered.

Something has to be done.
Is it too late?
What can be done now?

Animation/ Sound Design/ Music/ Voices by Me

Thanks for checking out the vid! Hope you enjoy it and have a sikhalloweeeeeeen

Stream the soundtrack for free or chuck me a pound for a download!

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/antonmichael/sets/still-spineless-crows-soundtrack
Bandcamp: https://antonmichael.bandcamp.com/album/still-spineless-crows-soundtrack

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I've seen the series before, just didn't review it. Now I'm rewatching it to get ready for the new one. First off, the style is a lot simpler than your later stuff, which makes it harder to feel scared. Animation is good though. I like the story, even though similar things have been done before. I really like the killer in the street. The whole thing with Vincent (is that his name?) is kinda cliched, and his voice is a bit too silly. I really liked the way the music went up to insanity when the killer was getting close. The whole thing with the removal of organs is cool though. The sound effects were good too. I liked how the main character had to eat the crow. Nice detail in the background graffiti and posters.
Overall, not the most original so far, but it's got a cool atmosphere. I will now move onto the next one!

I have a general rule NOT TO MESS WITH CROWS! Seriously, they're fascinating... but they creep the Hell right out of me!
Did you know they can remember and recognise faces and share information amongst each other?
If you hurt a crow, they can tell on you to the rest of the murder and you'll get dive-bombed as soon as you step out to the street!

Other than that, I loved the animation! You've got an interesting premise and story here, I'm eager to see how it develops!

Now that was really great! I like how you built up the tension without resorting to cheap jumpscares. The only downside is the abrupt ending, so I'm looking forward to the next episode!

Now that's a chilling story.
Hope to see the next episode soon.
Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!

AntonM responds:


what stood out the most was the sound design. that was amazingly well done. whoever did this YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB. the first picture I've liked a lot. nice framing. i wish you would just put your animation into after effects or put the first scene into a movie clip and make it move up and down a tiny bit, you know like a "breathing camera" if you know what I mean. Also wish you would have used some shading on the characters like when the creature rips out guts it kinda annoyed me that there was no shading. anyways the music sets a great mood. I did NOT fully finish your movie (no time) so the 4 star rating might be unfair but i do not know how newgrounds rating sytem works. if I give you NO STARS because I just wanted to let you know how I feel about the sound design I am afraid it might ruin your overall score and I do not want to be a dick just because I personally didn't finish your work. You definitely seem to be on the right track. So just keep it up and keep creating stuff. I just thought: damn with some subtle touches it could look cooler like adding a vignette or something. So yeh this is just some personal advice you might take into consideration for the next time or you are like: fuck this guy- what does he even know. he didnt even finish it. cheers

AntonM responds:

Nah dude, you made some great points!

I was actually going to add that 'breathing camera' but this was my first time using an editing software with animation and it was Premiere. Halloween deadline was coming up fast so I couldn't really learn it in time.

I would love to try out some shading next time and more dramatic lighting too, I gotta learn all that stuff first though :Q

The sound design was done by me! I really enjoyed it too, I love horror game soundtracks and really wanted to try composing music in that genre!!

I hope you come back and finish the movie sometime heh

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4.02 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2015
4:52 PM EDT