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Not real is a short, 2D adventure game where you must escape the creatures that periodically appear and disappear.

The game was created in five weeks of work by four students at Academy of Art University for a collaboration class focused on developing two full games in one semester.

This is as far as we got and, as of this time, no more progress can be made on it until the second game is completed.

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A nice unity game.

Good game

I'm sorry for the lower rating, but this needs more work.
While I think this game has potential and set the atmosphere quite right, there was no clever tactic to avoid/escape the creatures (also, isn't there some text written next to their heads?), you just have to hope they won't be there when you enter a room. This is much harder in the first room, because you can't leave and you need to get the key on the other side, but there's a monster blocking your way. I never managed getting past it without losing a heart.
Then there's that distorted perspective when you go up/down; but that could work if you – let's say – meant to show that your mind is playing with you (since you see some scary faces from time to time). It's quite interesting until you get used to the effect.
Perhaps some of the items don't blend quite well in the surroundings (e.g. the first key) and the music might get repetitive after a while. Also, I had to play the game in fullscreen mode, otherwise I wasn't able to move after starting the game.

Like I said, I believe this could work very well, but it needs some tweaks.

kingsirdrmr9 responds:

Thank you for the comment.

Our game was made in a very limited time; even less so than other classes had. I feel if we had a whole semester to work on it, it would've been more polished. However, we managed to give off a good impression thanks to our artwork and atmosphere. At this time, we aren't allowed to continue work on the game, as we have to do this all over again with a new game by early December.

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2.82 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2015
1:50 PM EDT
Adventure - Other