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Adventure High 0.16

rated 3.31 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Oct 25, 2015 | 8:40 PM EDT
  • Underdog of the Week October 28, 2015

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Author Comments

I've uploaded an updated version of the game, V 0.20. You can play it here:

**Note: This game contains mature content, and includes fantasy mind control which is a niche interest. If either of these offends you, you may want to try a different game.

**Second note: The music used in this game was released to Public Domain by Halcyonic FalconX. You can mute the music and sound effects any time by pressing M.

There exists in your home town a school that teaches Adult Students how to harness their unique magical gifts to survive the wilderness as Adventurers. Your character has just joined this school in hopes of finally having the chance to learn how to use magic.

Each person has a gift for a certain kind of magic, which impacts the kinds of magic they can learn in each of the four major schools of magic. Yours is the Gift of Control. Will you use your gift to become the Hero of the School, or will you use it to make the School and everyone in it yours?

This game is in an Early Alpha stage, and has no ending yet, though it does represent roughly a year's worth of work. This is the first H-Game that I have worked on, and so I am posting this version here for feedback on the concept, and it's execution. Any opinions, requests, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


The game file has been updated to the 0.18 version in spite of the title still saying 0.16. Here is a list of the major features included in this version of the game so you can tell if you have played all of the content currently available:

- The first story arc of the Heroic Path
- The first story arc of the Faculty Control Path
- Ability to control 5 NPC characters
- Personality change sequences for 4 characters; including sequences from one alternate personality to another
- Topless scenes for 5 characters; with each available personality
- 7 Dungeon Floors
- 3 Secret Notes, and Corresponding Secret Classes

**If you cannot figure out how to help Sarah, which is a problem I've noticed a few testers had, try clicking the button with your character's face on it that first appears in that scene.

As Newgrounds' rules do not allow making new posts for every update, If you would like to keep up to date with on new versions of the game and upcoming features, you can follow my development blog here:

If you would like to support this game, and get high res versions of in-game art, early access to updates, and even access to live updates you can check out my Patreon campaign here:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

once you get vals relative what do you do after?

HypnoChanger responds:

I'm not sure if there is anything more after that point in that version of the game. There is a newer version with more available, and the next update will be out in a few days.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Tits in the thumbnail? That isn't very classy. . .

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

An interesting game, but playing through the villain-harem style playthrough, I noticed a few issues.

-I enslaved Val and Cassandra, but I can't enslave Sarah for some reason. I have Val in her no-free-will form, which I assume is the slave form, but Sarah won't say anything about it, so I can't take control over her. I could very well have Val in the wrong form, but if not, this even not triggering might be a bug.
-This is more just an observation, but enslaving Julia seems to have no upside. She'll show you her tits and help you enslave Rack if you help her, but enslaving Julia just gives you an enslaved Julia. Yes, you can adjust her mood and attire, but she seems to lose her powers as well, which makes little sense since Val and Sarah keep all of theirs. I'd suggest adding a semi-time-mechanic, where time passes based on the number of battles fought, and having to assign a single target for an enslaved Julia and 'wait' for so much time to pass to gain information on them, where a free-willed Julia can give you information immediately and give you warnings/notices on other characters who you can enslave, allowing you to enslave these characters on your first meeting, not after that or after a certain trigger event that requires you to need more information.

Beyond this, the game is very good. I like that you have to use certain magic types in order to gain higher level powers, not just gain levels, as that makes sense. I also like that Player, Val, and Sarah all have their own specialties, such as Player being a support-type, Val being a jackie-of-all-trades, and Sarah being all about the damage. I imagine that as the game expands, more characters will be added, and they will have their own special skills as well, making who you bring with you into the dungeon a tactical decision based on the new monsters and their strengths and weaknesses.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Keep it up.

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HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I am hoping to make the game better as I go.

I will try to look into why Sarah's scene in the dungeon isn't occurring properly. I recently changed it to prevent her from objecting if she has been charmed. So, if you had charmed her, that might be the problem. You can enslave her two other ways though.

Enslaving Julia isn't meant to be objectively better than taking her offer; if enslavement was the objectively better option all the time, there would be no question on if you wanted to enslave her or take her offer.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

So your Author comments say there are topless scenes for 5 characters, yet i have only gotten the ones for Val, Sarah, Ad Julia. Who are the other two and how do i get them?

HypnoChanger responds:

The other two are Cassandra and Ms. Rack. Both are a bit more difficult to enslave than the others.

To get Cassandra, you need to either talk to Sarah enough times to witness her being bullied and intervene. Cassandra will get upset and challenge you to a duel later. If you have Julia enslaved, you can instead give her the fanatic personality. She will have a scene in the hallway where she claims that you are stronger than Cassandra. Agree with her, and Cassandra will show up to challenge you to a duel.

When you get to the duel, decline her offer then cast boost on her until the battle ends. Cassandra will have been transformed by your spells, and will demand to be changed back. If you agree, then cast suppression instead you can enslave her.

For Ms. Rack, you need to enslave Val and have her at least lvl 4. Ms. Rack will question you about Val's recent behavior changes, and you can pick either option. After that, you can get intel on Ms. Rack from Julia, then return to your room to instruct Val on your plan. Talk to Val again to trigger the scene with Ms. Rack. There are several ways it can play out depending on what personality Val has and your choices, but most end up with Ms. Rack enslaved to you. A couple end up with you enslaved to her though.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Will my current save games carry forward as you update? Great game sofar :)

HypnoChanger responds:

The version on my site will keep saves between each update. The version here I am not so sure of. It should carry over for the next couple versions at least. Once I get several updates done, probably 0.2 or 0.25, I will probably re-release it so the title will have a more accurate version number at which point saves will end up being reset because the source file would be in a new location.