Father McLloyd

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B ROUND 05 5 Points

you have made it to round 5 GAME B

B ROUND 10 5 Points

you have made it to round 10 GAME B

ROUND 05 5 Points

you have made it to round 5

ROUND 10 5 Points

you have made it to round 10


You vanquished the devil

Halloween Egg 1 50 Points

Thank you for your patience. Sincerely yours, Father Mclloyd

Halloween Egg 2 50 Points

Party with MJ

Author Comments

Father Simon McLloyd has been conducting exorcisms since 1928, but he's about to perform one of his most dangerous exorcisms yet.

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Pretty good mate!!!!!!!

None of the metals worked for me.


Frightening, and a good test of memory. And it puts into perspective for me what an exorcism really entails. The jumpscare when you get something wrong is put to good use here. Now, where did I put that Manual on Minor Exorcisms... (yes, because that's an actual thing.) I need to read that to clear out what I saw.

I know the tagline in the game also contains 'Simon says,' but it's a very loose take on 'Simon says'.

The text accompanying the Halloween egg #1 is something I quite like -- I could imagine Fr McLloyd saying it in what is basically BBC English, and it'd sound absolutely perfect. That's the only time I see his written language here, because otherwise, his 'speech' is basically the actions we memorise, but I get a little Father Brown (G.K. Chesterton) vibe from it.

The art isn't necessarily the greatest -- but it does its job alright. Sound's pretty good; in fact, the biggest impact from the game came in the way of the sound, for me.

Small minus points for the one gripe I have with this. MCLLOYD IS NOT A FRENCH SURNAME! It'd have made sense if he came from Britain or Ireland and everything else would have made perfect sense, but France? Really? Initially that's what made my hopes fizzle out when playing this game, but otherwise, I was not disappointed.

4.5/5. *crosses self*

ok man ill tell you the truth this game is interesting to play, but only for 2-3 times.
when I get the medals I wont come back here and play it (its hard)
but anyway I like game and that scream of demon its kinda horror and scary.

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2015
7:32 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other