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Pussymon: Episode 06

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What's up. Here's the Pussymon monthly update, this is the biggest update I made till now, there's many new things, lots of new mechanics, new items, quests, story and much more. To celebrate the halloween I choose create original Pussymons to fit better in the main story, also I'm thinking a lot about it and original characters will make the story flow much better, I have lots of original characters already sketched, many of them based in famous characters and many others completly original, to make the game keep growing I'm thinking about pick this path, so everything will fit better in the Pussymon world. Also I already started to work into a elemental chart that I want to introduce in the next episode.

New additions:
- Much bigger story.
- 13 New Pussymons (10 Catchable/1 Master Form/2 Npcs).
- 11 New Animated Sexcards.
- 10 achievements
- 4 skills
- 2 Main NPC's.
- 3 Ends (the Original, the Bad and a alternative easter egg)
- 10 Areas.
- More balanced Battle system.
- New items.
- New iterface.
- New quests.
- And another things.

About the grammar:
My english Is bad (not my native language), I created a bigger storyline in this Episode to make the game better and I know this have many grammar errors, but I can't fix it for now. This will be fixed till the final version, I intend to take some english classes or get some text reviewers in a near future.
Thanks for understand.

If you find bugs/errors just report and I will fix it.
If you like my work and want to help me create stuff more often you can support me on my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sp3ktr3
There you can follow the feed and find exclusive patreon content like cheats and other things.

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Good ending: win against Lizardish
Bad ending: lose against Lizardopus/Lizardish in her master form
Easter egg ending: win against Lizardish go to area 03/the guy that wants "Blood Essences" click on the cat then go and click on the well in town

Alright I been playing this series and its great. The only critism I have is that from 6-on the save game file deletes everytime. What is the point of saving if it wont save your game so you can come back to it. Sorry its great series I just don't like it deleting my beating game to come back to it at some point.

I LOVE IT!!!! so much more now there is a story

I like all of your pussymon games so far it is really good :)

can you tell me the three things:

new quest

3 ends

and the another thing