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It is a very strange puzzle game, where most of the levels made up of no more than 3 pieces.

Move all the shapes together in one of the four direction until till they hit wall, (use the mouse or the keyboard). Your goal is to get the diamond out!

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Really fun! And you're right, the art is beautiful. I'll have to come back to this.

Great game. I would love a walkthrough! Can't seem to not get 19 steps on level 14. A little bit of advice though, the back symbol (arrow pointing back on it's self) you've used is commonly used a restart in videogames, and the restart symbol, which looks like the skip back symbol on a DVD remote is probably going to be mistaken for undo. To avoid this confusion, you may want your back arrow not to reach al the way to its own tail. Other the that, good "3d", nice, simple yet challenging puzzles andgreat atmosphere... It's good!


I like frictionless mechanic to this game. It's unusual for a sliding block puzzle game nevertheless a good combination. I also like how you gave the player an option to view the background art along with the artist's name. The music is smooth and fits well with the game.
The 7 packs of puzzles are all creative and quite "puzzling" lol.
I'm disappointed that you didn't add an NG medal system to the game to give back to the players but regardless it's still a great game.

Not THAT strange...your basic sliding block puzzle, with the classic "frictionless" mechanic from action-RPGs, as well as a bit where the pieces "cling" together. Still, it's implemented pretty well.

Wow, Im extremely impressed. I always enjoyed these type of casual games. The controls are smooth and the graphics are perfect. Great job.

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3.48 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2015
3:48 PM EDT