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Author Comments

Save your girlfriend from the evil genius
AWD or arrow key
Space (when you have a weapon)


It's a great little game and a lot of fun to play.

I think one thing I would change is the ability to move to the left and go back. That bothered me because I missed a few things and I couldn't go back.

took a little while to get used to the midair speed, so i accidentally died thinking i was gonna land on an enemy a few times. it's definitely well done tho IMO.

i got the double jump tutorial level immediately after i bought the double jump boots, but i had saved for them first specifically so that i could use the feature as soon as possible, and it was disappointing that it didnt give me any kind of an edge. you should consider having double jump opportunities in all/most levels since the player is allowed to go back and replay them repeatedly. (maybe add a few secret areas?)

it wasnt clear that the spinning spiky trap things were going to damage me when i walked underneath them. it was obvious they were gonna do something when i touched them, but the space underneath them even when pointing vertically was almost always still the same as the character's height, which led me to believe i could pass underneath them as long as i didnt jump.

i think the poop should get squished and disappear when we step on it. it seems strange for it to stay completely intact... lol

superfly was OK but it ended up being more of a bother than a boon, because i never really wanted to move forward in midair that much given how small and far apart some of the platforms were. the double jump served pretty much the same purpose if used properly, and it didnt leave me falling helplessly like luigi's up + b in n64 smash bros.

i think the game needs to have a timer and we should have a few records to beat or something in addition to the other usual achievements or w/e. if we're supposed to be chasing after someone, it makes sense that we'd be trying to catch up to them, not just focus on tokens and smaller enemies.

i had to get so close to attack the red blob guys that i usually ended up taking damage as well. im not sure if this gets better with new weapons but it didnt seem to make much of a difference so far.
a lot of the armored dudes had too little space around them and took too many hits to kill. even with upgraded weapons it seems like i need at least 4 hits, and for some reason half of the time the sword doesn't even seem to deal damage, so attacking these guys was a chore.
maybe you could add some spiked boots that allow us to still damage them by jumping? i just feel like they're slowing the game down and especially with the soundtrack you've chosen i think it would do well if you speed things up.

another thing that might help pick up the pace is to add a ranged attack. one of the reasons super mario bros was so good is because we never had to stop to attack things. this game is all about motion and timing, and i feel like it'd be just that much better if we didnt have to pause and spam the space bar every time we ran into those armored guys.

i noticed that we get to keep tokens from failed attempts, but we cant go to the shop until we complete a level. I also really didnt like that the shop automatically closed once we'd bought an item. you've got me just going back to the first level over and over so i can go to the shop another time here. on top of this, it's not clear which items we have equipped while we're browsing the store. the game allows us to buy inferior items or items that we already have and still takes our money for them. i reallly think the store needs a rehaul in general, and should be more clear and accessible.

overall, the game was challenging, enjoyable, and well paced, but i think there are still a few wrinkles to iron out here. mainly im concerned with the weapons/ armored enemies and how much of a roadblock they always become, as well as the store issues. some of these other things ive suggested are just ideas im throwing out there, but i had a good time playing this.

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It's a pretty good game you got there. It haves challenges, bonuses. Nice upgrades.

Not something fanntastic, but defenetly a good experience to not underestimate.

Keep up the good work. ^^

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Game is a lot of fun. A simple side-scroller with catchy music that loops but is enjoyable to listen to when it does. Gameplay is the same with every level leaving you to replay a few to get enough for upgrades to survive longer or collect everything objective-wise for the most stars. Although this game could use some work with the camera as it is not fixed on the character and has some delay time feeling awkward at first, but after accepting it for a bit a time you get used to it. Nice little game to play that supports the left handed and right handed players using WASD and Arrow keys making it an easy game to jump into. Great game, hope for more.

Decent game but there is lag when you get coins.

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Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2015
5:12 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other