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A terrible storm swept across the country and evil army of undead skeletons began to rise from their graves. Residents of towns and villages cry to you for help, great magician!

You are brave apprentice necromancer. Your magic can rest or wake undead. Alas, your spell works crosslike - you change grave and the four adjacent graves.

You are wandering across the country after unnatural catastrophe called NecroStorm.

Each location has own graveyard, that looks like a random generated puzzle.

All graveyards are solvable, cause NecroStorm used same basic spell as you.

- You are necromancer;
- solve puzzles to rest undead;
- procedural level generation;
- live chests;
- infinite level of progression;

How to play
You have limited number of mana potions per each level. Click on grave or skeleton to use it. Your magic can wake or rest skeleton in this grave. But adjacent graves will be toggle too. So you must think smart to win.

Each level represents town, village or dungeon. If you rest all undead, people give you gold. You can use gold to buy advanced spells.

If you spend all mana potions, evil army of skeletons will wake up and kill you.

You will take reward for each graveyard. You can also catch live chests.
Each chest have random amount of gold. Click on chest when it's alive and you get additional gold. But if you click on dead chest, it will buried under ground.
If Evil Army kill you, all gold will be lost.

Basic Spells and Mana Potions
Your basic spell costs one mana potion. If potions go out, undead horde kill you!
You have limited number of basic spells per graveyard. This is enough to solve any puzzle.
But you can have more additional spells.

Additional Spells
There are four additional spells in game:
- Backspell undoes your last move and restore one mana potion;
- Priest's Eye show one random grave for right move;
- Minion Mind turns on single grave mode for next move;
- Holy Blast - ultimate solution for evil undead army. Clean graveyard immediately, you win and take gold from worshipping town residents of town, dungeon or tower.
If skeleton`s army kill you, all additional spells will be lost.

How to save progress
The game saves your progress each time you press Exit button in game or close Magic Store.
If you press "Exit" button, you will go to menu, when you can continue same level (it will be generated again) or start new game with same amount of gold and additional spells.

Magic Store
Click on gold in top left corner of screen to open magic store. You can buy additional spells here.
BackSpell and Priest's Eye are more useful. Holy Blast is level solution, but has high price.
Don't use Minion Mind if you are beginner in this game - it's weak spell for very special situation (when you have only one last skeleton and one mana potion, for example).

Towns and villages
Each level is random generated town, village or any other location. Names and populations are generated by random just for fun. It does not make sense (in current version at least).

Infinite gameplay
The game has gameplay mechanic similar to electronic pocket game named "Lights Out". But it has differences:
- more columns;
- randomly generated void cells;
- randomly generated "live chests";
- dark fantasy necromancy setting!
Seriously, void cells and live chest make game more and more complicated with every new level.
How much graveyards you can clear? I don`t know. The game has no limits, each level will be procedurally generated again and again.

Android version - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.kvisaz.flipflop

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I really like it. There could be a music in the game.

Nice game. The gameplay is too easy and there is not very much going for it after about 5 minutes.

Zoomaker responds:

I was afraid that it would be too complicated
Now I understood that made it too easy :(

Try to go after 20 location.

I think to made update after level rebalanse.

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2.95 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2015
10:47 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other
  • Daily 4th Place October 23, 2015