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A simple game to test your math skills.

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Very good the game!


This is definitely one to come back to and play again later. Very hard, very challenging, tests your immediate mathematical quick thinking, and the difficulty quickly ramps up from there!

Of course I did choose to play on the hardest setting but still. I like a challenge and this definitely provides one.

I only got 35 points but considering I only played it once, and on the hardest mode, and considering how fast you have to do these, and multiple ones at a time, each with their own timers, I don't think that's too terrible. It's not a great score but I could use some more practice.

For anyone thinking this is just for little kids, it's for anybody. Little kids could play it, but it's tough even for those with solid mathematical background. If anyone finds it easy, just play on the hardest mode, which you probably should be doing when you play video games *anyway*

Meh... More stressful than anything, to be honest... And to the guy that got in the 2000 points... Seriously dude??? Fuck, you did that for what, an hour? Good for you! XD

102 on easy and that was not easy...

No high scores? Well I got 2075.