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Adventure - RPG

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Oct 18, 2015 | 9:05 PM EDT

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Meet Pantsu Tenshi - he will help the hentai heroine pay-off bills by selling panties!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'm no clothes fetishist (more a ewwww from me - only glad there is no "shit" option...), hence skipped this game at first.

But trying it, it's basically a jolly, 1990s retro, low-tech little game. Basically a sex vesion of the old game of capitalist accumulation. buy&sell for profit (hence a TIP: always buy the most expensive pants you can afford - after the first couple of sells, where you only get to work in the gym for minimum gain, you find that soaking costlier pants in body fluids makes more cash, hence you get to paying off the debt ASAP.)

It's okay as far as it goes.

Another TIP if not obvious, btw: as soon as the game allows you, get as many types of body fluid into each new pair of pants as possible before you sell them: maximises the profit.

As mentioned, it's low-tech and basic drawing: higher tech and more careful, more 3D art would be far sexier, but that would be a different project. As it is, the game serves its purpose of jokey jollity. It's not what you'd call wanktastic - just mildly amusing, a faint stir a couple of times. That's okay.

The waggly tits (at least if you choose the bigger ones, as I did) are part of that jollity too.

And it is sort of wicked that as the two-person sex acts become unlocked (after you've built up a bit of capital), you can make the girl fill her panties with urine, one boy's sperm and two girls' cunt fluids BEFORE you make her work up a sweat in the gym wearing those same cum-drenched pissy pants! Must be a bit uncomfortable for her, surely - but the revenge of the player with not many other game options!

It strikes me the game is like Minesweeper & Solitaire's main original intention (apart from making bored secretaries' office lives bearable!) also a way of practising basic uses of the mouse. Press and release. kept pressed, up and down, side to side, etc. Perhaps not lift and drop.

Given the very obvious - deliberate - technological limitations, what might be better?

Here are a few suggestions:

1) There's no obvious endpoint or end prize, end reward. One you've paid off the $1000 debt, why carry on?

2) The game starts to get a bit boring towards the end (end = debt paid off): once you get up to the most expensive underwear (Wet Pussy trademark, obviously), and just have to repeat the process a couple more times without any change or variations to get to the $1000 finish line, incentive wanes. .... Ideally, games get MORE exciting and varied in the latter stages ...

3) Point accepted that this game has no ambitions to be complex or subtle, "it is what it is" - but at least a few Easter eggs, especially in the latter stages, would spice the game up, give it a bit more variety. Given all that backdrop, the furniture, the cameras, the gym gear, the curtains, the swords, the cushions, just lying around with no active function. Why not a few little surprises...? Or maybe I missed them.

4) Small thing: It's not really obvious how RUB and FINGER are both needed - okay, a different graphic, but the same speed, and mouse action, and same basic goal - to get girlcum into them there panties. Wouldn't one of the two duplicated scenes do?

5) Slightly odd thing: as the part-time boyfriend fucks her so she can make more cash, the pants are lying way out in front of her. Surely she needs them to hand (or still on her ass), so he can decorate them with his spunk for her? How's she going to make a profit out of her merchandise if he spurts up inside her, and she can't even get hold of the pants to wipe the vagina leaks up? :D

Just an aside: the girl has a very patient, understanding boyfriend and girlfriend, if she can just whistle for them when she needs new panties coating in their juices! (Slightly more serious point: an element of hazard/danger would be good in the game, where they insist on having her and/or steal her precious pants if she doesn't do what THEY want, for once .... variety, variety again!)

And if they are not actually an understanding "bf/gf" but a gigolo ("calboy" as he's called) and callgirl - nice! - wouldn't she have to pay some of her precious dollars for their fuck/fluid services?

6) Again obvious - the game is deliberately simple fun - but as others have said, a couple more options and/or storylines would do wonders for the game, esp in latter stages. It would e.g. be good to be able to send our heroine whoring to supplement her urgent income needs .... or at least poledancing, if she wants to keep her intercourse activities in-house ...

... but I suppose all that is another game.

All in all then: okay as far as it goes. Would be a great springboard for something more thrilling!

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

IMO it needs a mute.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good game concept. More options and storylines would be great though

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I think it needs a better back story and better graphics in some place. Overall it's a great game. I think you could possibly transform it into an open map world.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

I like the game, however it needs better artwork, and more actions to be a great game. If you consider making a new version, here are my humble suggestions:
- more actions, with ability to unlock better items for actions, like eg. tiered sporting equipment, dildos etc.
- collaborate with an artist for better artwork and animations
- new BFs/GFs as experience increases, and unlockable action/scenes
- achievements and rewards
- end scene when debt is paid

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