Knuckles' Night (A Halloween Special)

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This will be my last Sonic.exe video. I spent 8 months getting this done before Halloween and haven't done anything a lot lately. I also have plans for my upcoming animations wanted to get back to focusing on my current video. So...Happy Halloween and don't forget to subscribe and follow

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OMG incredible
this animation man

Too bad I didn't write a review for this last year...
I was looking for this vid again to do a parody/joke/insult to a gaming company that has a bad habit of ignoring its players...
The chuckle at 1:24 makes a perfect lil jpeg for me to utilize :P

Overall fantastic animations, great sounds, LOVELY humor and the end was...something else :P

Very good short video. The animation isn't bad and it had some good humor to it as well as action. The very end of the video was a great touch and got me laughing. The background soundtrack and sound affects worked great for this video and your credits music was creepy. perfect for Halloween.

Great job. The improvement is definitely there. Knuckles sounds like he has a cold but that's okay lol.
This one for me is far ahead of the first one because I did get a few laughs... that Ed Edd & Eddy sound effect :D

Awesome as the last one!

What I love about your Sonic.EXE videos because you have a great sense of suspense and having well timed moments. The music was also well-timed, too. You got really smooth animation quality and your coloring is pretty damned good, too.

You also have a really great sense of humor. I love how even though it was supposed to be horrific it also had some great jokes here and there. Like the end joke with Kunckles mistaking Sonic for the EXE Sonic.

Keep up the great work dude I love your art style and animation, too.

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3.83 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2015
5:23 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody