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Madness: Zombifacation PREVIEW

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Yay! I finally finished the preview cut. Jebus this took a while. Not due to time, but due to FUCKING Flash CC crasing every two hours. Note: the final version will be more fluent and longer.

Also- It doesn't stop on its own, so you may want to do something about that. And, please be fair. This is my first animation, so please, give me some advice.

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Well done

Maybe, i can help you with your music program, also, nice project btw

No need for this video

Well ... No play button, the movement of animation is something rare, something smooth, but not both, and the music starts again and mix.

Sherklov responds:

Yeah, I know.

Do not submit contentless previews to the Portal. This is telling us nothing about your movie other than there's a load of Madness guys killing each other, which we've all seen a million times before. Quit now and come up with your own ideas.

Sherklov responds:

Wow. I did not expect that. So, what you're saying is that I should just abandon this entire project?