Tricky Treats

October 16, 2015 –
December 5, 2018
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Match three or more treats in a row to clear the gravel off the board before the timer runs out. Beware the skulls, collect them by matching them or by letting them fall off the board. Can you complete each level?

Update 10/20: Options to retry level or restart game on game over.
Update 10/18: Last game medal bugfix, double dirt tiles changed to purple to make them distinctive.


Great game !

The last level is pretty grueling, but otherwise a good time.

Good potential with medium content. Runs poorly with animations slowing down the more you click to move pieces. Mechanics are fair and simple. The later levels are only challenging do to lack of maneuverability. The UI options are lacking.

I like match games, I love this one with halloween theme. :D

In terms of mechanics and playability, you've done a good job. Controls work well, animations are smooth, and the game is easy to play. This is a slick Bejeweled clone with a nice Halloween theme.

Unfortunately, I agree with the other reviews regarding flaws. The game lacks polish. I appreciate the mute options, but why is there no way to restart a level, or at least to return to the main menu? These option usually appear on the pause menu (unless I missed something?) I should never have to reload the page just to restart a game or a level.

The difficulty is also a problem. This whole "do the game in one shot" concept is confounding, particularly for this sort of puzzle game, in which you can run out of matches. Having to play around with the tiles in order to clear a tough corner piece can effectively end your game. Count me among the reviews who struggled just to beat level 2. I did make it level 4, only to lose when all I had left was... you guessed... it one tough corner piece. Also, having double dirt tiles right there on level 1 was a little surprising, particularly since we only have 2:30 to beat it.

This style of game has been around for a long time, and there are a number of ways to correct these issues. You could give the player a limited number of "magic wands" to clear out one tough tile at a time (say, three wands per level). You could give the player extra lives, or the chance to win them. You could extend the time limit on each level, or make certain combo and/or special tiles that add to your time when you clear them.

And obviously, you could make it so new levels unlock when you beat the previous. You could make the unlocked levels accessible from the map screen.

You should also add a "scramble" option, even if it can only be used once or twice per level.

In fact, this sort of motif would work well with "magic spell" concepts that allow to you add time, scramble candy, destroy dirt tiles, etc. You could start the levels with one of each, or earn them by making combos, filling meters, or breaking special items.

The possibilities are endless, but I think you should do *something* in deference to players who want to put some time into this game and have hope of winning.

Also, I swear I saw the words, "No more moves" come up one the screen once, but then I continued the level with plenty of moves available. Do the tiles scramble when you run out of moves, or was that a glitch?

I don't want seem too negative. This is a fun game with a good holiday theme, and you handled the mechanics well. I always say that's the most important part. But it should receive a full 4 stars if you can fix those issues. I also want to answer something you said below: a creator can find him or herself too close to the product to make a fair judgement. If you're not certain whether a game is too easy, too hard, too boring, or anything else, don't be afraid to hand it off to someone you trust before posting it. Sometimes, you need someone on the outside to take a look.

turtlesf responds:

That "no more moves" shows up when that's detected, and it scrambles the items and continues on with the game. The boards are so large it rarely comes up. The game engine was originally made for a website that only allows this style of game (play it in one go). It goes back to menu on game over/complete though. I plan on implementing one or two of these things to make the game less difficult, probably a continue? button and maybe a shuffle button. Thank you for the detailed review and suggestions.

I really enjoy this game. The whimsical sound track, the difficulty, the lovely animations and sounds that are made when making a match goes a long way as well (Side note: The medals are cool too :) ). I also have a soft spot for matching games so this was something I just had to glance at.

The one thing that gets me is that losing at a level brings you all the way back to the beginning. I just feel like that isn't fair given the general difficulty of the game itself. I enjoy the difficulty and the time limit, contrary to other comments, I just think we should have a couple of set lives and/or be able to replay the level until we get it. I've been trying on Level 2 and I just can't seem to get over the hump, it's an annoying thing for me to go right back to level 1 and pass that level just to get back to where I was.

Honestly, though, that doesn't bring my review down very much. This is because even replaying the 1st and 2nd level can be fun due to the general entertainment I get out of this game. Because of that, I still give it a 4 (With the fixing of lives, I'd give it a solid 5).

nice game last medals dont work :/

turtlesf responds:

Likewise, that's a bummer, play it again and it should award your username the medal on startup.

I thought the game was fantastic, overall. It has quite a bit of challenge to it, and fits right in with the spirit of Halloween. The animation and treat design was done well, and the music fits in quite well. The only problem I had was that the last medal was broken. I beat all the levels and nothing happened with it. Otherwise, quite a Halloween treat to play.

turtlesf responds:

Thanks, that's a bummer the game didn't award the medal, the game file was updated to unlock the medal for your username on startup (at the splash screen). Also bug was fixed.

just so so to play

I want to like this, I really do. It's cute and whimsical. However, the fact that you have to start from the beginning if you lose is extremely unfair. I'm expected to win 7 levels straight. How? I mean take a minute to think about the way you play a bejeweled-esc game like this. There is some strategy involved, by planning ahead to get the pieces to line up the way you want them to and by matching things in a way that yields power ups. But let's be honest. When it gets down to the raw bone, most of it has to do with luck. It's the good (or bad) luck of which pieces spawn, where they spawn, and the pattern in which they spawn. Heck I had the worst luck with level 2. I legit couldn't even pass it after at least ten different tries. Each time, I'd have a few tiles of dirt left on the very bottom row. And I could never clear them because none of the items would match, and despite doing my hardest to get the appropriate items down there, to match them right on the last few dirt tiles, I couldn't. Why? Because luck wasn't in my favor. There was nothing I could do, no matter how much I tried to manipulate the board, because the right items weren't spawning for my convenience.

My suggestion? Well no matter what you end up deciding to do, I definitely suggest a "scramble button" that scrambles the items. This way, if the board screws you over and you end up stuck, you can click it at any time to switch the items around randomly, so you then get a new lay out of items. I would suggest being able to do this twice on every level after the first one, since I feel like the first one doesn't really need a scramble button.

As for fixing the unfair difficulty, there are three different solutions to that. I'll tell them all to you, but I'll let you decide which one you want to try. 1) I propose that you let us start off with five lives, with the possibility of getting more as the levels go on through semi-rare items that spawn. You may think five is a lot but as much as I failed level two, believe me, players will need it. 2) An alternative to that would be different game modes. Make a hard core mode exactly like how the game is right now, where you have no lives. Make a medium mode that gives you a set amount of lives like I suggested in the first solution. And add an easy or peaceful mode that has no game overs. You can lose all you want, and you can keep replying a level until you pass it. 3) The last alternative to fix the difficulty is if you don't want to add any lives or game modes, just remove the time limit. That way, even if we've having a really hard time and have stumped ourselves, we still have a chance to pass the level, even if it takes as long as an hour. Extending the time limit to 20-30 minutes would also be a great help, if you didn't want to throw it away all together. And again, I still recommend the ability to scramble tiles, especially if you take away the time limit. It would really suck to sink more than a half hour in one play through only to get screwed over by having no more matches available.

Anyway, I really hope you take my suggestions into consideration! Good luck and Happy Halloween for when it comes.

turtlesf responds:

I think playing the game while developing it just gets me to think the game is not as hard as it actually is. I will take you suggestions into consideration, your feedback is very helpful. I might implement a scramble button you can press one or two times, maybe the lives, but yeah something has to be done about the difficulty.


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