Dungeon grinder

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Are you hungry for dungeon grinding? Explore dungeons, find treasures, buy skills to get stronger so no dungeon can stop you.


Buy skills to explore dungeons more efficiently.

Legend of acronyms:
EP - Exploration Point
RP - Resistence Points
1K - One Thousand
1M - One Million
1B - One Billion
1t - One Trillion
1q - One Quadrillion
1Q - One Quintillion
1s - One Sextillion
1S - One Septillion
1o - One Octillion
1n - One Nonillion
1d - One Decillion

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Although I like the basic concept behind this game, I feel that it is lacking in a number of key areas:
1. The scaling of the skills EP addition to the cost is unbalanced. Economy wise, it pays simply to dump as much as you can in the first three or four skills rather than invest in the later bunch.
2. Equipment doesn't add much in the way of variation. I would have liked to have seen a little more in the way of active choice.
3. Autosell is pretty much essential. Otherwise, frankly, you can end up with an inventory full of junk.

After about 5 minutes, this just becomes a ridiculous boring, click and wait game. For something in the adventure category, it sure is lacking adventure.

WOW! this is actually really good in fact i nearly rated 5 stars its so good great work dude!

I, like everyone else who plays this, am stuck with the same character after days. After cleaning my cache, cookies, and logging out. Why don't you have a menu, a stop button or even a way to restart for this game?

WARNING : to all who start this "game", it has no STOP, DELETE or BACK

You really boiled D&D down to its most basic element. Kind of like Auralux did with the RTS genre. Its not the most fun game ever, but it got me thinking.

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3.20 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2015
4:11 PM EDT
Adventure - Other