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Match Craft

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Make combinations of similar 3D minecraft voxel blocks. Try to match combinations of at least 3 or more minecraft blocks and beat all 100 hand crafted levels. The longer the combo, the better your score!

Match Craft has a very recognizable minecraft design. You must craft fantastic combinations and match voxels to make long chains. Mine for treasure chests and try to free all the minecraft voxels that have been chained down!

Pop all the voxel blocks in MatchCraft, a well-made and engaging minecraft Match-3 game with lots of challenging layouts and levels to complete!

The ultimate match-3 minecraft puzzle game! Play for FREE now! Can you beat all 100 Match Craft levels?

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Absolutely lovely game! Its perfect for my kinda now tired brain. I just wanted something simple and that got me. :D nice one. <3

This Game Is The Best!!!

Not bad, can get boring fairly quickly but thats the price you pay playing these kind of general match games.

Well made, but MAJOR copyright breaker

Game-wise, the game is well made and I love being able to draw diagonal paths. On the downside it kinda also makes some levels too easy. The graphics are fine. They represent Minecraft well, especially with the pick that breaks down bonus blocks (moves). And I love that the music is lowered when I'm playing. As someone with sensitive hearing, I usually tend to turn off music because it's too loud.

But then we come to the major issue, which is what made me drop the rating: Copyright. Mojang/Microsoft's name isn't anywhere on here, the are no credits for me to even see if they even gave their blessing. I would let some of this slide, HOWEVER; because app has in-app purchases, with none of the money even going to Mojang/Microsoft, I really have to call foul and deduct points.

It's like playing a knock-off chinese game: Can be good, but you will feel dirty and upset for not playing the official thing. Not going on my favs. Sorry.

Terrible. 2/10 for the effort into the design and responsiveness.
Nothing unique.
Nothing interesting.
Nothing challenging.
Nothing funny.
Not even entertaining.
I feel sorry for you guys, really. The graphical and professional talent of this can be used for so much more. There really is no passion at all here. It's marketing at it's finest. Because making a new hit app is the easiest way to do business and make a quick buck.