Cursed Islands

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Your cat has been kidnapped and locked up in a flying fortress.
Explore, fight monsters and collect clues about your cat's whereabouts to finally face the evil kidnapper.
You can restore your health and save the game's progress at towns.


Very cool game, but it took forever to get my magic stats up. I think I was at 39 strength and 26 magic at the end. Still, it was all worth it to save my cat and get an awesome flying fortress.

LOL, the music sounds exactly like Dragon Quest I-III Overworld music or even Final Fantasy Legend (Saga) I-III. ^^; (DQ I-III also got remixed for Dragon Warrior Monsters, an old 8-bit GBC game.)

This was a bit too short, I beat an hour or less, but it was still kind of cute and funny. XD Pretty nostalgic, and a good way to get newcomers to know what the RPG genre is like. ^^;

Haha. What weird little game you have over here. Yet it's still simplistic enough to allow for a casual play. The story is pretty straight-forward and quite comedic, the controls and mechanics, although not specified, are relatively easy to learn(especially if you already played similar games). The music is ok, and the graphics look like they have been scribbled by a 2nd grader. But I'm not going to lie, I don't think I would've done better. I did make a small let's play/playthrough of this game right here: https://youtu.be/z6zhDz_nz3E . If the story was a bit more complex(while keeping it comedic) and if it had a few things like achievements then maybe I would've rated higher. But don't give up, you have a lot of potential. Just hire a graphic designer...

Beaucoup de plaisir , simple et directe . Excellent exemple de jeu triomphant de l'esthétique .

Seulement raison pour laquelle il n'a pas été 5 étoiles était parce qu'il manque de replay - capacité

Concordo com o regenouis..
Ótimo jogo, simples, porém carismático... Uma prova de que jogos não precisam ter uma estética ou visual bonitos!
Faltou somente o fator replay...
De qualquer modo, parabéns rzuf79

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3.79 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2015
7:39 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG