Cursed Islands

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Your cat has been kidnapped and locked up in a flying fortress.
Explore, fight monsters and collect clues about your cat's whereabouts to finally face the evil kidnapper.
You can restore your health and save the game's progress at towns.


Nice Game To Play While Passing The Time

I think the minimalist style really works, and I LOVe that it's monochrome black and white! ;) please make more like this!

Graphics are reminiscent of Kingdom of Loathing.

rzuf79 responds:

Yeah, I get accused of ripping off the KoL style. Yet, art direction of this game is really just a result of me being unable to draw. :)

Neat game, loved the music and the "reduced" style ;) The comic look, the ironic story resembled the shortness of the overall game. I especially liked the few sentences, some games like this have a tremendous amount of text to read but the story comes down to the same.

2 small flaws: Same like Bubba5812 stated, to get the magic higher there should be an area where you can fight only magic enemies to boost your magic.
And when my guy comes to the bottom of the screen, I often accidently hit the run button when a enemy popped up.

Wanna see more like this! :)

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This was a lot of fun, especially for an old-school RPG player. I even liked the preschool graphics. For those of us with an imagination, or those who have been playing RPG's for decades, sometimes just the concept of "town", "forest" or "tavern" is enough to invoke our own image of what that looks like, which is something you could never effectively draw (not an insult to you, but a compliment to the power of imagination.

It was just too short. I want to see more!

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3.79 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2015
7:39 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG