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Very ease to play Sudoku. Sudoku for everybody. Different levels of difficulty. It shows you the remaining options and if you make a mistake you can delete it. You can replay the same Sudoku how many times you want to decrease your time. Endless numbers of games.


Difficulty options are links to your site? Seriously, don't upload a game that is nothing more than a redirect.

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This was programmed terribly. The interface is horrible, and like another reviewer said, clicking anything other than "childish" opens a new tab which is extremely obnoxious.

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Giving no way to disable the mini hints, and in fact no way to enter numbers into the grid at all EXCEPT by clicking on the appropriate hint number, is an atrocious inteface.

But the most damning flaw of all, is the one that actively disqualifies these from being actual Sudoku puzzles: many grids end up having provably non-unique solutions (such as having two cells whose only remaining candidates are 4/6 in the first two positions of the first row, and also cells with 4/6 in the first two positions of the fourth row). Worse yet, the game actually is apparently looking for one predetermined solution, rather than merely checking if the numbers you filled in are consistent with the rules you are supposed to follow. If you fill in an ambiguous section in a way that is, to the best you can possibly know, completely reasonable, but it doesn't match the one answer that was picked at the start of the puzzle, the solution does not count and the time is not saved. Absolutely unforgivable.

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Here's a tip, let people play the game on the site you post it on.

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Clicking a difficulty setting to start the game launched a new tab on my browser, which also did not load the game. 0/5

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1.91 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2015
3:38 AM EDT
Puzzles - Quiz