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Elemental Strike: Mirage Tower

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Author Comments

There are five main elements in the world: wind, fire, water, earth and lightning. With these elements, build towers and fight against the enemy hordes that threaten our lands. Each element has both strengths and weaknesses. Power-up and combine up to three elements to forge new towers each with their own abilities.

Some towers have skills that you can target and activate while others provide passive bonuses. Craft your own tower build and placement strategies to optimize their support of each other to win!

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Honestly, I thought this game was a rather unique TD. It had elements, for one. It has many different and unique enemies. It has several upgrades for each different element towers, either just making them much stronger or making them a completely new tower with it's own special thing. Some towers, including all the basic towers gave the player a controllable ability to throw onto the battle to help your towers. This was especially fun to play with. What I can say needs work, is one, each level gives you recommendations on what elements to use. That's not too bad, but then it also tells you what towers of those elements you should probably use. With this information, all you need to do is figure out out to place certain towers and when, making the game fairly easy. I just wish they would give less hints and allow the player to figure things out themselves just a tad more, because no joke, after I got the hang of things, I went through like 5 or 6 levels without losing ANY health, and only had to restart one level. Then, just overall more polish. And more levels. I stopped playing due to loss of progress, but from what I saw there was only one map with a line that went threw it and it only seemed to have like 8 or 10 levels. I may be wrong, but if not, I think a lot more levels should be added. It just seems like a waste with the surprisingly large variation of towers and enemies. Again, may be more than what I saw.

Dat be all.

This game, is, simply put, not fun. Level one was a fairly simple introduction to the game mechanics, and level 2 is a space to experiment with the new tower upgrades. Level 3 is a disaster. The timing on tower placement is so tight that if you hesitate for a second, you lose. If you place the towers in the wrong order, you lose. And once you get all 4 towers up, if you don't upgrade as soon as the upgrade becomes available financially, you lose. The towers are placed on the track awkwardly, and due to the track itself it feels like monsters are spending very little time in your fire zones. There are several ways this can be fixed, but the primary I see is that the monsters should be slowed down very slightly, which should drop the difficulty just a bit and make this not an exercise in frustration. I played that one level 20 different ways for 45 minutes, and nobody wants to be stuck on level 3 of a TD game for that long.

I came back a few days later to play again but my save game is gone. I'm not starting over!

It's solid, but doesn't bring anything new to the table

eh not anything special

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2015
2:49 PM EDT