The American Dream

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This was my contribution to the first anthology from Late Night Work Club, a group of independent animators, called "Ghost Stories" - you can watch the entire 38 minute anthology here: my film for Late Night Work Club, check out all the amazing films here:


and check out these two links for more info:


This film is kind of about really sincere millennials trying to figure out their post-college lives, I think.

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You know what's extraordinary? Idiots docking this narrated short by 1.5 or 2 stars because the character graduated young, or because the main character pursued creative writing as their dream or they didn't realise that the animation's title was slightly tongue-in-cheek.

It's jawdropping the way you evoke emotion through animated pieces. It's one thing to be a good animator - it's another to have a masterful editing touch to evoke the right frame at the right time coupled with the right audio. You have both these skills in spades, cup overflowing. It's a pleasure to view what you've created. Thank you.

I was personally blown away by this stylishly hypnotic short with its incredibly detailed and expressive pencil animation combined with its gripping storytelling.

To me, the tragic story told in this short is a reminder of how easily our futures can be lost at the drop of a hat. The fact that Audrey is narrating her life accomplishments over the moments leading up to her death makes it all the more gut-wrenching.

"American Dream"
"Creative Writing"
The only good part about this video, was the part where the character died.

I loved it, my only complaint is that you want me to believe someone took a check as a form of ebay payment.

Born August 1985, but graduated college in 2005? Since graduation is normally before August, she would've graduated college at age 19. Extraordinary.

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4.06 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2015
3:02 PM EDT