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A Matter of Caos: Episode 2

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Vote for us on "Steam Greenlight": http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=542799874

‘Daphne, where are you?’

We were left with this unanswered question and now, MAYBE, the fate of this girl will finally be revealed.

Prepare to continue Mr. Gilbert’s investigations, going through shady clubs, vindicative mobesters, demoniac creatures, corrupted lawyers, pursuits, blackmails and many other intriguing events.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Caos is not a mispelling. It's not 'chaos'. It's Caos. It's important.

**FOR CHROME USERS**: Because the Unity WebGL compiler is still in a preview version, we can’t guarantee there won’t be technical issues (like the evident mouse glitches) . **If you experience any problem, you can always try to play it with Firefox with the Unity Web Player installed**.

Play episode 3 here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/665120

Donate and get 'A Matter of Caos: Complete Edition': http://experagamestudio.itch.io/a-matter-of-caos-complete-edition

If you are stuck here's the walkthrough: http://www.experagamestudio.it/games/matter-caos-walkthrough/#e2

Other games on Newgrounds: http://experagamestudio.newgrounds.com/follow

To examine an item, use the ‘examine’ button (the eye) in the left inferior corner of the background (or use the ‘E’ hotkey); to select and use an item click on the item, click again on the same item to deselect it (or use the ‘E’ hotkey).

You can also save the game anytime clicking on the “Save Game” button in the game menu.

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ExperaGameStudio responds:


I also had some trouble when trying to play the card game. I did everything (stick the mirror in the bar and ask Mylena, the Barman and Mike about Mentzen, so that I can get to know his tricks) but I cannot play it since it still appears the message warning that they are cheating and that I won't play until I can win....I started the game all over again but I get stuck at the same point. I really love this series, but unfortunately I will have to rate 3 stars due to this bug. Please fix it!!!

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Hello Crianzee, it's not a bug. Have you tried to bribe the barman and talk to him again about Mentzen?

Good game, but there is a bug when trying to play the card game. Says I can't play :/

ExperaGameStudio responds:

It's not a bug :) To join the game, you just have to make three 'steps': you have to speak to the shady guy, collecting clues to find out his identity, then ask him about Mentzen; you have to help Mylenda, the hooker, with her pimp (to do so, speak to Bullock, asking him everything about her), and then ask her about Mentzen; lastly, you have to bribe Bullock, and then ask him again about Mentzen. If you have any trouble, there is the walkthrough; if it doesn't help, feel free to contact us and we'll help you :)

I just have to say this game is AMAZING. the music, the characters, the plot, great ambientation (or however you spell it). I just have one problem. I've gotten all of the items to pass the guardians at the dungeon (gloves, demon heart, flower, mask, blanket) yet they won't let me pass. I checked the walkthrough but maybe I just missed something. Any advice?

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Did you modify the mask? You have to make it more 'suitable' to get inside.

Great intriguing series, but one thing:



This has been a friendly PSA. Don't suffer like I did.

ExperaGameStudio responds:

Thank you very much! :D

About the Walkthrough button it seems to be a problem of the HTML5 version. We'll fix it ASAP! :)