Nidalee: Queen of the Jungle

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Did you think you could jungle alone? Silly noob! This is Nidalee's domain, and you're about to feed her in the new interactive movie from hentai masters StudioFOW! Enjoy dirty sex in the mud with the Queen of the Jungle, as she dominates your worthless cock! Want to go bestial instead? See if you can find the bonus scene as Rengar turns the tables and marks his territory!

Thank yous

- Primer for letting us use his Nidalee model (AHRI WHEN?!)
- Mayak for rigging
- Ganonmaster for DAT ASS
- Zone Sama for the audio scripting and not reporting us to Riot for this depravity
- Moneyshot, wait you dont deserve thanks since you fapped the whole time you animated this
- Rorschach for somehow putting it all together
- Stefan for the awesome music
- Beamwirekaiser for high quality lion and tree posing, es #1 SFM huehuehue
- CWB for putting in 90 pieces of grass, increasing render times by 8000% well done son
- Vismund for being the only Soviet not to play MOBAs
- Fowchan for not squirting on my face while watching the draft, squirting is banned now in the UK you see

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST thank you to our voice actress Anastasia Snow, who was brilliant yet again and went from submissive sex kitten to commanding cougar with the flick of a switch throughout the weirdness of this production - finally you can now masturbate to yourself voicing your favorite LoL character! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.

This production would not have been made possible without the support of the FOW Army on patreon! Thank you for making millions of Korean penises explode at once. Want more LoL babes fucked senseless? Join the FOW Army and make your voices heard!

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One of the best 3d animation I've seen all year and this was made in 2015, four years later and it's still pretty good, more people need to look at this beforehand to see what good animation can look like.

The only thing that doesn't look the greatest is the bonus scene, beyond that it's still a good animation, that utilizes it's platform pretty well.

I love the graphics.

Absolutly amazing

Bottom left corner secret!!! Great game, absolutely loved it. Graphics were stunning.

Visually 5 stars but limited as a game...more like an interactive fap vid. lol. The voice actress isn't great unless she's moaning or pretending to orgasm. All in all not bad. My score is not the least bit compromised by the fact that I think LoL is a lame ass game. Just not for me I guess.