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Glory Hole Arcade Teaser

rated 2.30 / 5 stars
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Oct 10, 2015 | 3:53 AM EDT

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Author Comments

This is a short promotional trailer for NSFW Games Glory Hole Arcade game



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Can say, gave it a try. And it seems like a rather well made game, lots of scripting and all that.
I do have to say though, it does feel a lot too hectic. I guess that might be one of the parts with the game. But even so, it just felt like there was 7 things going on at once, constantly all the time.

So might be me not being used to "this type of game", but it felt like one of those where you can't really play and "enjoy" the game at the same time, so to speak. If that makes sense. There's a lot of detail in it, but most can't be seen due to how frantic it is. So it's a mixed thing imo. It does look rather well detailed, but it's nothing you really have time to admire, as you can't spend a single second not frantically flailing about xP

Still, it's a kinda neat game. Possibly a bit "late" per se, as mote notable gloryhole games have already been made, and this doesn't add much, aside from stress xD But that might appeal to some, so :P Would be interesting though if someone finally made a game actually aimed at females instead of males. Only seen people fail horribly at those so far xD Especially those "Run or Rape" games, they seem to fail to get the concept of "role reversal" haha. Anyhow, trailing off here.

Final thoughts is that it's a kinda neat game, but personally think it feels too "rushed", not as in production wise, but gameplay wise. But as said: That might be the point. :P

nsfwgames responds:

Thanks for the feedback. FYI - I just submitted an update today that slows the game down a lot. It may still be too hectic for you but try it out and let me know.

Personally, I like games that are hard so I'm biased but your sentiments are shared by a lot of people that have played it. I guess I was focusing more on it being a rollercoaster ride than a train ride. I've been reluctant to add "easy" and "hard" modes but that may just be what is needed or even a "zen" mode. OK - that just went on the list!

I would like the game to be playable (and enjoyable) by as many people as possible so your feedback is very valid and appreciated. I'm sure you speak for a lot of others who are less vocal.

I'm not sure how this particular game could be more aimed at females. It seems kind of inherently male fantasy to me but what do I know - I'm a guy! I have had some request to put a male character in there but that's for an entirely different audience. If you have any suggestions of how this could be more appealing to females I'm all ears. I have been kicking around an RPG mode which deals more with social issues and story that may be more appealing to women.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

all in all goofy but not enticing its just huge disgusting dix