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Jasonario - Episode 1

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Try all the different branches of dialogue!

Jason just wants to get a cup of coffee. But today, he got a bit more than he bargained for.

Use wit and your charm to coerce the barista once and for all, and silence her social justice warrior fussiness!

An experimental Conversation game loosely based on Tell-Tale Game's "choose your own conversation" formula, with the idea to create a new "episode" every week.

This is kind of an experimental game, and it's by no means finished. I plan to have an ongoing series of conversations and different "scenarios", hence the name. Enjoy!

Update: Thanks for all the feedback! I fixed some of the errors and will change things with the following episodes. Thanks for trying it out!

Let's Play Video I Made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-F13IryF-Q

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ah, it was a good game, and the graphics/voice acting was good, yet it had some mistakes that made this game a bit difficult to fully enjoy:

-when the game was loaded, instead of a ''play'' button, there was a ---> arrow. after a few seconds, i realised that this was a slide bar, like the one that exists in the smartphones.
while this was a clever/original move, it can annoy someone who isn't really experienced with smartphones, and it can hinder someone's gaming experience a bit.
(i liked the game, but i have to point out to you some ''problems'' that might exist in this game)

and number 2, the major problem of this game:

-the ''scroll-down-to read the answers/options'', COMBINED with a short time-limit.
i mean, all of the answers/options should be visible at all times, and with a good layout, so that the player can choose easily and quickly whatever choice he/she wants...

and if you combine this very inconvenient ''scroll-to-see-the other options'' thing with the (very short) time limit, then you can guess that this game is more like a time-trial, than a discussion game...

overall its a nice conversation game, and it has some good meaning in it, but those two errors mentioned above should be fixed, either in this game, or in the future games/episodes that you will make.

i mean, smartphone controls can be cool, but only for smartphones.
(unless this game was meant for smartphones. in that case, there should be an instruction /controls section for this, explaining how to use such functions when a player plays this on a PC instead of a smt-phone...)

uhh, also, i liked how the protagonist had to deal with those SUPER-annoying SJW people.
i mean, yes, the refugee crisis in europe is a major problem and yes, we should all try to help eachother and make the world a better place, i really believe that, but for pete's sake, when i want a coffee, i want a coffee, NOT a lecture on social studies.


oh, and it should be noted that i won the game on my first try.

it was cool.

BTW, did you had such an annoying experience at a coffee-shop IRL?
if so, then you have my greatest sympathy.

all in all, it was an OK game.
very few faults in there, and it had good drawings, nice voice-acting, and a funny story in it.
good work.

It's not working on chrome but on firefox (keeps telling me to get unity web player when I already have it and then there are a lot of glitches plus I have to scroll down to get to the answer options in time or the top answer gets chosen for me? No thank you.

Haha, yeah, you can ALWAYS make fun of people trying to make the world a better place, amirite? They should shut up and just be selfish like the rest of us!

Jasonario responds:

Haha no way. If you explore more of the dialogue you can see that I'm for it. I feel passionately about the refugee crisis. It's all in good fun

Seriously?? That's it?? No goal is set, the scrolling part isn't explained and doesn't make any sense, and the "game" is way too short...

Jasonario responds:

It's going to be an ongoing blogesque series, told in this style. There are, however, over 100 lines of dialogue in this game alone. I thought there would be some interest in exploring the different lines

I wish there were more episodes. It was way too short.
Also I agree with cuteboy99, you should remove the scroll option for the answers, it kind of annoying.

Jasonario responds:

Thanks a lot! There will be!