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A Light in the Darkness 5 Points

Light all the torches in the laberinth

Rebuild Yourself 5 Points

Trap all nightmares inside of the prison

Way of Freedom and Happiness 10 Points

I will destroy the darkness and rejoin society

Way of Order and Greatness 10 Points

Why try to be like the others when you can become better

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

You wake up in a dark room, search for a way out.
Will you escape, o be forever trapped inside of the CALABOZO?

My first game, made with AS3 and Flixel.
Please give me feedback about the game design, I always thought that learning to program was going to be the hard part, but i ended up liking it more that making the game in itself, funny.

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ooo fun, bit like the one about the bones... an o word, can't remember the name.. OSSUARY, that's it.

nice! a bit hard to navigate though, despite having played Ossuary. needs a save so you can go back maybe.

This game is ok, the light system is a unique idea, and the graphics are good, but some aspects of it feel a little clunky, and there are a few spelling errors within the game.

Great potential and decent amount of content. There is a glitch where you can go through walls. The fighting is interesting in its own way. I wouldn't really say I'm a fan of it though. Movement is very limited by objects on the floor etc. The looping ambience can get annoying as well as the inability to save your progress in case you need to come back. There is a lack of information to help you progress steadily. Annoyances aside this game is very well done. I hope to see more refined products from you in the future.

I stopped playing quite soon even if the game seems interesting. What annoyed me is the fact that some elements on the floor can impede your movements. However, the game seems really interesting, but in the end I got lost and weary of everything.

I found this to be a really weird game. I hope that was the intention. I especially didn't understand how to fight back. I'm sorry, but I lost the instructions or something. This probably isn't worth checking out, IMHO. It just seems like an endless maze.

I admit that it's at least creative. There are a few cool things here. The sounds were pretty good. I like the idea of getting more light as it goes on. It's a good thing you can pause it without sound.