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Escape Plan: School

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Your friends at school are very funny people. But they tend to make bad jokes and pranks. For example, locking someone inside the school and placing puzzles and clues for him. That person is you. You're locked inside the school! Let's look around and solve the puzzles to get out!

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Not bad but I did have to use a walkthrough.

My quips:
A 4 digit code for a 10 digit lock?!?
The drawers in the lab are red herrings.
Bugs clue not explained in walkthru. Order determined by number of legs.
An old lady is obviously an accomplice. Unless she's running low on blood sugar.
I think LDeins has a right to complain but those 2 clues weren't that bad. Maybe make the orange a bit darker and have the ability to zoom into the cafeteria glass.
I actually smiled at the red herrings in the cafeteria (food pyramid and drinks dispenser).

The game was cool i like the all the different places that you can go to

Ok, 2 points:

Was the guy creating the color code blind ? changing yellow and orange ... took me 15 minutes of search till i found a forum where the mistake was explained. But after that the whole game experience was killed ... the color should be changed ...

The numbers in the cafeteria ... only persons with a +4k resolution are supposed to find and read them, right ? ... i just found them by chance ...

At the other hand i spend a lot of time playing your game. So it can't be that bad ...